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Fermented Carrots With Apples
Off for a kid free month to Sydney and leaving my kiddos with 3 jars of their favorite Vietnamese pickled carrots (đồ chua), naturally fermented, probiotic rich. Crunchy, sour and delish!
Hibiscus Kombucha
Wild hibiscus are in season over here and so incredibly cheap! Bottled some up in my kombucha can't wait for the flavours and colors to infuse ? do you have any favourite ways to use fresh hibiscus
Naturally Fermented Carrots
Some fermentation goodness I made earlier this week. Purple kraut, carrot sticks, a wild hibiscus & a passionfruit Kombucha. The Kombucha is for my little ones to enjoy while I'm away but the fermented vegetables will be ready for when I'm back to enjoy!
Roast Mini Chook With Baby Veggies
Dinner last night! roast mini chook with baby veggies and the tastiest pan juices. I have to say I love my Staub cast iron griddle! Perfect grilled veggies & steaks everytime and I just used it to throw the chook & veggies in the oven as it was the right size. Love it when my kitchen equipment has more than one use! Off to pack and do some food prepping for my flight today
Vietnamese Cassava Flour Cake
Here's the final pic of the Vietnamese Cassava Cake (Bánh khoai mì). Made with only 5 ingredients. A great source of resistant starch to feed the good guys in your gut and I also learnt it helps ease inflammation & allergies. Pretty cool for a cake I never knew was so good for you growing up! ok... maybe the original version with sweetened condensed milk wasnt - but this is!
Grain Free Energy Bars With Tahini And Almond Butter
Grain free breakfast energy bars. Under 30 minutes to make, store in the fridge or freezer and always be prepared with a delicious breakky or snack option
Turmeric Mince & Veggy Stir Fry
AIP • GAPS • Paleo • Paleo Vegan • Whole30 • Travel Friendly. Heading home today and heating up our last batch of turmeric mince & veggy stir fry. I made a double batch and portioned them into little freezer bags to reheat each day. My kids love this with diced cucumber and some fermented carrots. A convenient fast food you can pre-prep real fast food.
Gluten Free Coconut Raisin Pancakes
Coconut Raisin Pancakes. My 4yo's favourite for breakfast. Shredded coconut for texture and flavour with a burst of sweetness from the raisins.