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if you have a problem with carbs, then we can't hang 🍜 Day 41: #365daysofemilyma
success taste better when earned through hard work - and when a person asks for you to take them under your wing #mentormaterial Day 36: #365daysofemilyma
after two weeks of coordinating and planning, the surprise was a success! I love spoiling people on their birthdays and this one was a real treat. couldn't have done it without her family members, coworkers, and an amazing cake vendor 🎂✨ Day 31: #365daysofemilyma
cooking, to me, is another form of art. it takes time and experience to know your ingredients and taste in its elements of layers and texture. it keeps me sane after a long day as I get to use my creativity in another form, another way to make my hands dirty until a work of art is executed once again. Day 27: #365daysofemilyma
When we get into our usual wedding and food conversations: Me: I want a noodle bar, specifically jjajjangmyun if I marry a Korean guy Coworker: You mean you ARE going to marry a Korean She swears by her instincts ? Now recorded for evidence. Only time will tell. That Korean Chinese mix tho, ? Day 3: #365daysofemilyma
떡볶이 with fried seaweed roll and ramyeon pls ?oh, and of course ? to top it off | ?'d out a bowl that's twice as big as my face. happy #friyay y'all
cantonese food is hands down better in the bay ? #tastelikehome
our boss spoiled us soy much with sushi and fine jewelry ?✨