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Buckwheat Pancakes With Coconut Yogurt And Raspberry Chia Jam
Buckwheat pancakes with coconut yogurt, raspberry chia jam and fresh berries. Wish I could say these were my breakfast today hehe. Anyways, today is my birthday!! I'm turning 16 years old. Had such a great day in school today too - two of my friends "kidnapped" me at lunchtime and took me to a thai buffet! (However I've got two essays due this Friday but let's not talk about that.. ) Oh, and I also got a gift card from my parents to buy myself a new camera! I'm thinking of getting the Canon EOS 70D, but I'm a bit unsure. Have you got any recommendations? Wishing you all a lovely day/evening and sending lots of love
Buckwheat Pancakes
Hi guys! Today I'm really happy because: 1. I managed to do my first ever successful "pour shot"! Usually when I try to do this I just end up with syrup or sauce all over the place. 2. This morning I woke up to 9000 followers! I can't express how grateful I am for your love & support and I'm almost finding it hard to believe that so many people like to see what I post! (I'm thinking of doing a little feature party! If I did it, would any of you enter?) Sending lots of love to you all
Sushi Salad In A Jar
DECONSTRUCTED SUSHI SALAD IN A JAR! Or whatever I should call it, because when given a second thought this isn't very sushi-like at all. Maybe more Asian-inspired or something hehe..
Key Lime Chia Pudding
Yesterday I made these little key lime pie chia puddings in little jars, using @myberryforest. (Didn't have any avocados at home though so I substituted it for some more vegan yogurt, but otherwise I followed the recipe) They turned out sooo good!! Amazing as a healthy dessert or snack!
Guess who's back again after a looong break? ???? (Sorry for disappearing like that.. ?) I don't know if I want to go into detail about why I've been absent yet, so let's just say that I needed some time away from social media to focus on life & health ? Pictured above are oatmeal bowls topped w/ fresh fruit & berries + avo toasts, that I made together with a dear friend a few weeks ago ?? I think I'll continue to post food pics, but also some more art/studygram/personal pics if you don't mind? ☺ I'm so happy to be back on IG & I've really missed all of you! ??
Hi everyone! ❤️ With this repost of some yummy doughnuts, I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very merry Christmas ☺️???
Good evening lovelies! How's your Tuesday? ? Mine has been full of studying - I have a maths exam tomorrow, plus 3 more tests before the week is over ? There's only about a week left until holidays though, so yay! ? . By the way, happy Lucia Day to everyone who celebrates! ✨? (As you can see in the pic above, I made some traditional Swedish Lucia saffron buns aka "Lussebullar" - vegan ofc! ?) Sending love ❤️ xx
Good morning peeps, and happy Sunday! ? School has been super stressful lately, but yesterday I finally had time to take a new picture, yay! ?? So here is yesterday's breakfast??, coconutty oatmeal topped with raspberries, banana and some raw brownie chunks ? Hope you all are having an amazing day! ??
Good evening lovely peeps! Did you know it's Cinnamon Bun day in Sweden today? ?? (Well, at least now you know ?) I was planning on posting the recipe on the blog today, but unfortunately school has kept me super busy ☺️ I had a biology test today and I've got a swedish grammar test tomorrow, plus two more pretty important tests next week, so I really haven't had time to write a blogpost ? I'm so so sorry for being so absent here, but I hope you understand! ☺️? Sending love ?