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Things to do when temps dip below 10 degrees: invade neighbor’s home and demand take out and wine. ❄️☃️? @drach312
lobster roll(s), scallop crudo, chowder, sweet and sour octopus, oysters, negroni, oxbow, top 5 lifetime food satisfaction levels achieved (bye) #highscore
“[Galentine’s Day] insisted that women are awesome, and that a good way of acknowledging that might be to meet up with one’s fellow women and remind them of that fact.” Galentine’s Day: How a Beloved Fiction Became a Beloved Tradition @theatlantic. Yes, women are awesome. And so are jalapeños in your rosè. @evadsims @mollymcbeck @liza_gioia @lizavnyc ❤️💕
Five fishes out of seven ain’t bad. Merry Christmas! ??
life is beautiful and awful all at once and some days all i can do is order the biggest cookie i can get my hands on and write. ?????”In the wee hours after Club Cheetah, still tipsy even after my shower, the words filled the page. I didn’t concern myself with Madison as I wrote about her enterprising social media ambitions, the rotten relationship at the core of the shiny apple she polished each day with her curated photos. She was an abstraction that morning, a symptom of something happening to all of us when we logged on and double-tapped for this outfit, for that stack of pancakes, for the knee-high socks on crossed legs next to a cup of coffee that would definitely spill all over the fucking bed in real life.”
What’s that they say about women who drink bourbon? Stay away at all costs? Or trust them implicitly and drink all the bourbon? ??‍♀️ Thanks for a great night @finallyhomejc ❤️?
happiest of birthdays to this mensch of a man, father of my children etc etc. ❤️?@jcss45
"Wake up around 6 am with 3–4 people in my bed, depending on which child had a nightmare or a sock emergency (e.g., where the sock falls off a foot during sleep and child screams until sock is replaced on foot.) Husband is out the door, and the kids chant for milk before I’ve used the bathroom and dressed, let alone had a cup of coffee. I spend the next two hours pleading with other humans to use the bathroom, eat their food and get dressed. I also dabble as a bouncer, breaking up fights between hysterical household patrons, and as a short order cook." ✨✨✨ I make motherhood sound glamorous don't I? Check out the rest of Ready, Set, Reset in Link in Profile. Would love to hear how you reset!✨✨✨⚡️ Had dinner w some former colleagues last night and it got me wanting to write about the reset on a broader level. Coming soon...