elegantmeraki Le Cordon Bleu Contest Entry
"Sweet Smell of My Petite Success Food brings people together, ask anyone about their memories, food will probably be in the top three! I started baking to learn and to challenge myself with something new. This is a huge step for a girl who can barely put together a proper meal. As I undertook this journey to develop flavours from my childhood memories that come from a Gujarati - Indian household to reinventing traditional classic French pastries. I admit I had quite a few stumbles, failures and fiascos but a sweet promise of small successes encouraged me to research, and hone my basic pastry skills. Savouring my childhood memories of eating Aamrakhand, a mango yogurt dessert, I made a Mango Saffron Macaron (Pictured above). Baking is a science and an art. I want to devote my time to learn the science from the best pastry course and use those skills to create a myriad of flavours. Nuances of baking require a strong fundamental skill infused with a creative discipline. My goal with the education from @LeCordonBleu_International is to open a bake studio where the creative horizon is limitless. A place to whip up and develop recipes with unorthodox, yet strong flavours for classic desserts as well as pay homage to my travels. The bake studio would bring people together, allowing them to revive the art of baking for future generations. Food is memory, a language, an emotional connection for people all around the world. #feedfeed #contest #LeCordonBleu"
-- @elegantmeraki