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Healthy-ish foodie and home cook in AL. I ❤️ the Lord, my fam, the outdoors, singing, and breakfast for dinner! #dailydinnerparty

Caesar Romaine Gratin Made in a Toaster Oven!

in partnership with Eric Ripert
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Nell Stone's Pecan Pie
Happy #Thanksgiving to all! Loved making my grandmother's #pecanpie recipe (the crust recipe was @epicurious' "butter pie crust"). Hope everyone had a wonderful day! #thebakefeed
Our last night in @lakecityco, my Sister in Law and her BF made an amazing dinner for all of us! A wedge salad, @thepioneerwoman Mac n Cheese with prosciutto, and cornbread with honey butter ? yum!! What would you make if you were cooking for your family or friends? #dailydinnerparty #edptravel
Happy Tuesday, y'all! It's a busy week over here so I'm extra glad I made some bread this weekend. I did 1.5 batches of bread but didn't have enough bread pans, so I put some dough in my @emilehenryusa pie dish ? it actually turned out really well! Think I'll try it again in the future. Sourdough bread has become a staple in our house. What are your staples? #dailydinnerparty #sourdoughbread
This weather has been wild! Even though today was a little warmer, I'm loving this soup! It's a riff on Italian Wedding Soup and it's delicious. I skipped making meatballs and just cooked the ground meat. I love to follow a recipe, but some nights, you just need to get dinner on the table so you cut corners. Anyone else know the feeling? ?? #dailydinnerparty #realtalk
What is one of the best ways I've found to ensure I eat a filling and nutritious breakfast? Make it ahead! Frittata is an easy make-ahead breakfast that lasts for several days. Do you make ahead breakfast? Tag a friend who is a meal-prepping boss ?? #dailydinnerparty #nextovers
Beet greens and stems made this veggie frittata a little more Valentines-y! It's been so fun to see how and who everyone is celebrating today! Lots of love to all of you! ?? #dailydinnerparty #valetinesday
Thinking about non-scale victories this morning... A small one is that I was able to run faster this morning than I normally do and felt great! A bigger (eternal) one is that no matter how you feel about the inauguration today, God is still on the throne! Nothing can put Jesus back in the grave (h/t @russellmoore). What better news can we hear today?! -------------------- Also, meat sauce (my mom's recipe) and zoodles tasted so good this week! #dailydinnerparty #nsv
"Let the words of my mouth
Be pleasing to You, pleasing to You
The meditation of my heart
Be pleasing to you, pleasing to You
Oh Lord, my strength
And my Redeemer
 Whatever is true Whatever is pure Whatever is lovely Whatever is worthy Think on these things
Think on these things
 Let the words of my mouth
Be pleasing to You
Pleasing to You" These lyrics from Fernando Ortega (and Psalm 19 and Philippians 4) are ringing in my ears this morning! They are my prayer for today ? ------------------------- Also, taking a break from eggs for breakfast with these super-easy @whole30 approved sausages! Recipe from @primalpalate, but I didn't have all the spices I thought I had, so I ended up improvising a bit ? recipe is linked in my week 2 meal plan on the EDP blog! #dailydinnerparty #whole30breakfast
Burrito bowl for lunch on day 4! I cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot earlier this week and it has been a versatile option to make several different meals! Last night, I packed this lunch with kale, green bell pepper, and chicken. Today I popped it in the microwave at work (to warm it up and steam the kale) and topped with avocado and a really yummy tomatillo salsa from @traderjoeslist! Will share the label on my story. Hang in there y'all! We're halfway through week 1 (giving myself a pep talk, too ??) #dailydinnerparty #burritobowl
This buche de Noel was actually a buche de Thanksgiving! My family made one for the first time a few years ago (@smittenkitchen's amazing chocolate recipe) and I think it's becoming a tradition! This one was pumpkin with a cream cheese filling ? maybe next year we'll get fancy with the icing and marzipan mushrooms (ha!), but this simple one was pretty amazing! And to let you in on a secret: We actually used a gf @williamssonoma mix. It was delish and so easy!#buchedenoel