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Szechuan Spiced Cauliflower
Szechuan Fried Cauliflower with Black Garlic. The OH was adamant he hated cauliflower until he tried this! I normally make this with breadcrumbs but... didn't have any! So just made do without. I used spice paste from @taste_ahg #notsponsored but you could make your own with tomato paste, garlic, red chillies, ginger, oil, vinegar and salt. The burnt, crispy bits are my favourite... And if you haven't tried black garlic yet, that is also just.... It's caramelised and just... all kinds of delicious!
Tofu And Blood Orange Curry
It's blood orange season! I love snacking on these intensely vibrant citrus fruits. I can't stop eating them! And I know I'm not alone... I've seen plenty of citrus porn from @rainbowplantlife @conscious_cooking @myberryforest & @singh.monisha to name a few! But what do you do with all that peel? Ummm... make curry! Isn't that the answer to everything @rebelrecipes?
Apple Galette With Date Caramel And Buckwheat Crust
Sunday baking? I made this windfall galette for my family last night but we ate too much dinner & couldn't fit it in.So it's gonna be Sunday lunch dessert instead! English apples with date caramel in some delicious buckwheat shortcrust pastry.I'm going to serve it with a walnut & maple custard I think. Or maybe walnut & vanilla. I haven't decided yet! What do you think? WALNUT & MAPLE VS. WALNUT & VANILLA? So, why a windfall galette? Well, because you don't need shiny, perfect apples to make a beautiful dessert. My mum came back with a bag of windfalls the other day; all different varieties, all a little bruised & knobbly... But they tasted amazing! (After cutting them in half to check for bugs, of course!) I don't understand the obsession with "perfect" fruit and veg. WHY does it all have to look uniform? WHY? Who decided that!? Anyway, that's a rant for another day... Have a lovely Sunday people!
Pesto And Heirloom Tomato Buckwheat Tart
Heirloom Tomato Tart with a Buckwheat Power-Crust. Made with my own homegrown tomatoes & drizzled with garlic oil. The power in the crust comes from a blend of chia seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and goji berries. I was inspired by @halfbakedharvest's Heirloom Cheddar Tart that I spied on @beautifulcuisines' feed (& instantly fell in love with!) I just changed the pastry & omitted the cheese. And used different herbs and spices. But apart from that! ? This tart was also made in honour of @ros13 @delicious_and_healthy_by_maya & @voilavegan who made gorgeous vegan margarita pizzas recently. It's all about the tomatoes at the moment! The recipe for this has just gone live on my blogling, so you can check it ouuut, check it ouuut, check it ouuut, check it out... .................................................................. PS. Big love to @veganwhat & @taifunbee for featuring me in their breakfast bowls partaaayyyy the other day! ?? ??? .................................................................. Have a great bank holiday Monday everybody! ?
Spinach, avocado and mango salad with raspberries and sunflower seeeeeeds! Not forgetting the @greybeoliveoil extra virgin! ? This is my favourite salad. I made this to take to work earlier in the week with the most perfect avocado... but today's is spotty and generally a bit suspicious. Wah. I'm gonna eat it anyway though! I don't have another one and it is a key component so... it's going in. No recipe for this one cos... I'm fairly certain you can assemble this using your own common sense. ? Big love to those of you who have checked in with me during my absence... I can confirm that I am fine, I am using social media significantly less but not because I'm having a breakdown - I just have better things to do with my life! ?? So I only plan on popping in every now and again. For salad porn purposes mainly, now it's nice weather! ? So hellooooooo here is my salad and goodbye again! ? ??
Salt & Pepper Banana Skins. Like Salt & Pepper Squid just... minus the cephalopod and minus the batter. ? I was gonna write up a recipe (and still might) but it's pretty easy. You just throughly wash the skins, cut them into thin strips and then fry them in a little garlic oil until crispy (with salt, pepper, spring onions and fresh red chilli). ?? This is an amazing topping for sweet potato mash or curries. Particularly sweet potato mash though! I think it's about time you tried it! ? Oh! And I was recently interviewed by @trybeapp! I talked to them about eco-blogging and food waste - it's on their blog! ? Go and seeeeee!
Have you tried my sweet potato and smoky bean bake yet? ? Check out my guest recipe for @thefoodmedic over on her website. It's really easy and perfect for #MeatFreeMonday. On another note, just wanted to say thank you to Alice Ma who taught members of her "Healthy Cooking On A Budget" class how to cook my banana skin curry at the weekend; it's made my day to hear that everybody loved it! ❤ And finally... thank you to the Weather Gods for all the sunshine these past couple of days. Brighton seafront wouldn't have been as much fun in the rain! ? Happy Monday people of the world! Have a great week!
Happy #PancakeDay!! ? Remember theeeese super-green pancakes that I made before using @indigo_herbs supergreens powder? I just love the colour... Aaaand they were the fluffiest pancakes eveeerrrr! My recipe for fluffy American-style pancakes is #ontheblog - link is in my bio! ☝ Vegan & gluten-free! British pancakes are more like crêpes and that's what I'll be eating later! With lemon and sugar. I'm a purist! ? Had a great night last night on the "expert panel" at Food Media Uncovered @fem_foodpreneur along with lovely Meredith from @foodatheart & Niki from @rebelrecipes. It was great to catch up with these girls toooo! Niki & I had a delicious plant-based feast at @mildredsrestaurant and a couple of cocktails beforehand! ? Fab evening! ❤ What are you all doing for pancake day? American-style? Or are you with me in the crêpe camp? ?
Another shot of my blood orange and tofu curry... Using orange peels. Officially my most popular recipe! ? Which I can't believe really because it's such a weird combo. You must all be weird like me! ? Talking of which, I've just made a banana peel curry too! ? Omg fried strips banana peel are so good! ? Who knew?! I also made banana peel & cardamom iced tea (really nice, with vanilla) and some pickled banana peels (I'll let you know about those!) Recipes for all of these will be coming soon... ? Check my Instagram stories for a sneak peek! I know you're curious @healthyfrenchwife @conscious_cooking... ? Yes, this is how I am spending my Sunday. Pickling peels in my pjs. ? Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!
Melt-in-the-mouth whole aubergines (eggplants), with a smoked chilli & lime marinade. Cooked to perfection in my Optimum Multifunction Pressure Cooker Pro from @froothieUK. Remember, if you're UK-based you could win one of these machines, worth £499! Just head to my blog for details on how to enter. I'll be posting the recipe for these aubergines when I'm back in the UK. I have a loooot of recipes to catch up with, I know! ? But I don't have my computer with me at the moment; I'm too busy eating myself to death in Northern Itaaaalyyyyy and exploring the medieval villages and hiking trails around Lake Iseo. Every morning we wake up to a view of the lake and the mountains, courtesy of our @Airbnb home... ? It's so beautiful! You might have already seen it on Instagram stories? Hope you're all having a great Sunday!