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Roasted Tomato and Corn Galette

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Date And Nut Wheat Berry Cereal
GrainMakers • A sneak peak at an upcoming collaboration with @thedallah {he's bringing his wheat berry breakfast game}. We can't wait to share it with you! @thedallah #FeedFeed #Vegan
Golden Quinoa And Rolled Oat Breakfast Bowl
Golden Quinoa Breakfast Bowl | Warm, nutty quinoa cooked in coconut milk is the perfect winter breakfast! With apples, almonds, toasted coconut flakes. #Quinoa #Vegan #FeedFeed
✨✨A little rainy day soup sounds about right ☺️. Hamburger soup with added GRAIN Laird Lentils is what's on the table at @thesoupsolution's house this weekend. You can have it too, by heading to Gayle's profile @thesoupsolution for the recipe, and order a few of her soups while you're there 😃. Happy Sunday everyone! 📷: @thesoupsolution
What goes great with our Classic From-scratch Hummus? Make a mezze plate by combining it with Baba Ganoush, or enjoy both spreads on a few slices of toasted sourdough 👌🏻. Get our simple recipe for this creamy dip on the Journal, perfect for all those plump market eggplants 🍆🍆🍆. Link to both recipes is in our profile 👆🏻. #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency #EGJournal #MakeItGRAIN #BabaGanoush
👋🏻Happy Friday everyone ~ Cooper says THANKS for all the orders this week 😗! Here he is inspecting our bags for quality and freshness ☺️👍🏻. He's growing like a weed and taking care of daily business just like his boss lady mom @janna_bishop 😁. #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency #TeamGRAIN #MakeItGRAIN #KnowYourGrains #KnowYourFarmer
Dinner is served ✨. Get this tasty and super easy recipe for Chickpeas and Tomato Sauce {it's a no brainer really!} on the Journal. You'll wonder how you ever went this long without it ☺️. #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency #MakeItGRAIN
Batch cooked and ready to party 👋🏻✨. Did you know you can freeze cooked GRAIN Wheat Berries in a large ziploc just like our popular Kabuli Chickpeas? Just remove them a few minutes before they're needed, and give them a little hot water rinse. Ready, set, use! Find our favourite Wheat Berry recipes by searching 'Wheat Berries' on the Journal 👆🏻🤗. Gram for gram, they're a higher protein source than quinoa, plus they're loaded with other power packed nutrients too 👍🏻. #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency #MakeItGRAIN
It's preserve season 🌿🍅👋🏻. A little peek at the 'open pantry' at @campagnolorestaurants ROMA location in East Van. Check out their talented baker @campbell.hart for gorgeous sourdough loaves, and plan to head there as soon as humanly possible 😌✨. #EatGrain #FriendsOfGRAIN #EdibleTransparency #MakeItGRAIN
New on the Journal • Chickpeas in Tomato Sauce, the definition of simple and delicious {and you'll want to hang on to this sauce and use it for eeeeeeeeverything👌🏻👋🏻. Get the recipe by hitting the link in our bio ☺️✨. Happy weekend! #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency #MakeItGRAIN #KnowYourGrains #KnowYourFarmer
In case you needed another reason to love summer ????. Get 3 inspired Galette recipes on the Journal {created by three of our faves, @thesoupsolution, and @mykitchenlove}, get the link the the recipes in our bio ????????. ????: #EatGrain #SummerOfGalettes #FreshlyMilled #EdibleTransparency #FriendsOfGRAIN