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How to Soft Boiled Eggs

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Say hello to our newest dish: Korean Chili Sesame Stir-fry. Made with your choice of ground chicken or red bean and sprouted lentil seitan, bok choy, onions, ginger, and bell pepper over cauliflower rice or toasted quinoa. Yeeeeah, it’s 💣 What are you having for dinner tonight?
It’s essential to have some sheet pan recipes on hand for those days when you’re pressed for time. And on a cold winter night like tonight, your oven doubles as a heater! @veggiesmadeeasy makes it easy with their Broccoli Florets. This Cashew Chicken dish is quick, nutritious, and flavorful. Check out our recipe by visiting the link in their bio!
Golabki is back on the menu for the last time this season! It’s a traditional Polish dish of minced meat and vegetables wrapped in soft-boiled cabbage leaves and is our most popular winter beef dish. But you can also get it with soy because we care about our plant-based eaters too. It’s served over your choice of cauliflower or white rice and is garnished with a fresh herb and tomato sauce. Orders close at 7pm tomorrow so don’t miss out!
For the next 24 hours only get our new Almond Milk Yogurt Parfaits for 50% off! They are 100% organic and plant-based without dairy, gluten, or soy. They feature cashew butter granola and lemon zested Fuji apples. Sale ends tomorrow at 7pm. Order at (link in profile)
Our delicious Cantonese Lettuce Wraps sold out hella quick this week! These are the vegan edition made with textured soy stir-fried in sesame oil with shiitake mushrooms, onions, carrots, and ginger simmered in our savory hoisin sauce. You can build the wraps using tender butter lettuce and either cauliflower rice or sticky rice. We also offered them made with ground chicken for our omnivores. Aren’t they purdy??
🏈PARTY TIME! 🏈 Pakoras make the perfect party app because they’re delicious, fun to eat, and fully customizable! We love to use @veggiesmadeeasy Organic Broccoli Slaw and chickpea flour for a gluten free, vegan version that will rock your socks off! Check out the recipe online here: Adjust the spice level to your liking, add raita or a dip of your choice, and watch them magically fly off the serving platter.
Dinner tonight courtesy of my own damn meal prep business, lol. This dish was inspired by the 3+ years I spent enjoying a strict Paleo dietary lifestyle. I’m not being sarcastic either; I’ve never looked, felt, or moved better than during that time. Fast forward to today and that lifestyle is no longer sustainable for me because 1. I’m usually disgusted by poultry, pork, and beef and 2. I am trying to cut back on my meat consumption. Even though I feel a pull towards a plant-based diet, soy and beans are out for me (just don’t agree with my body) so it all feels so limiting since it’s not my daily priority like it used to be. In terms of animal proteins, that leaves me with seafood and game meats. I LOVE rabbit, venison, and bison. This dish features ground bison from @wildideabuffalo cooked with onions and spinach and seasoned with cumin, chipotle, garlic, and two secret ingredients. Combined with baked sweet potato and avocado I’ve got my lean protein, my unrefined carb, beautiful fat, and non-starchy vegetables/greens. A nutritionally sound, colorful, satisfying, and extremely enjoyable meal to say the least!
We know it’s only Thursday but the sooner you start planning for next week, the better. And considering our Weekly Meal Prep orders close at 7pm’s not too early to get your meal prep handled! Let us do the work for you, we promise it’ll make your life much more manageable!
Cold, rainy winter nights and chili go together like avocado and EVERYTHING. Bake up some cornbread in a cast iron skillet and you’ll be feeling warm and fine in no time! Our chili is available on our Winter Catering Menu with ground turkey, lamb, beans, or a combo of your liking! Call (510) 974-3350 for a quote for your next event.