Eat Your Compost

A Lens Into Kitchens Around The World, this feed is an exploration into how the feedfeed community is making the most of their veggie scraps and "compost".

A Note From Helena

Cake trimmings, stale rice, vegetable peels..what do these all have in common? They are normally discarded. In fact, almost a third of the world’s food is wasted. Much of this is preventable, and there are ways to reduce waste even in your own kitchen! Eat your Compost is a feed exploring the idea of what is edible, what is salvageable, and how can we make most of our food. Here you’ll find recipes for turning almost-gone jam jars into vinaigrettes, vegetable skins into soups, and turning herb stems into pesto! It’s about finding ways to use the whole ingredient and redefining what is considered waste. This feed will hopefully inspire you to get creative in the kitchen and start to think about food in new ways! So much is lost in trimmings and scraps, but so much is gained when you can turn these into full and satisfying meals!
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