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Waffles With Mixed Berries
Waffles are scientifically proven to prevent sickness and promote an unstoppable immune system #science .
Blackberry Arugula Salad
Good afternoon! Here is another thanksgiving dish: the salad course. This salad is light, refreshing and satisfying. The blackberries are crucial to this salad as they provide a "juicy bite" allowing you to use less dressing. I lightly dressed this salad in olive oil, lemon juice & zest and salt, knowing the blackberries would provide more depth.#berrytogether #feedfeed #contest
Triple Berry Pie
PIE SEASON! i ate 2 slices of this triple berries pie for breakfast this morning. no shame, it is #pieseason after all. and yes, those 3 miles i ran this morning did not offset all the calories but what’s life when you can’t live a little?!