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Lisa Bryan
Los Angeles, CA
Health coach, wellness/food blogger and gluten-free globetrotter.

Pineapple Beer Cocktail with Pink Peppercorn Simple Syrup

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Caprese With Zucchini Noodles
Remember how I had all those zucchini noodles a few weeks back (from making my video)? Well, I updated a few older zucchini noodle recipes on my site with new (much more beautiful) photos and bumped them to the front. One of my favorites is this zucchini noodle caprese. Simple, healthy and delicious. The only thing that could possibly make it better...was if I was eating it in Italy. ? PS - I'll show the photo before and after in stories. Happy Saturday!
Cucumber Salad With Champagne Vinegar
A few of you noticed the side salad I served up with my beef brisket yesterday. It was this delicious cucumber salad, that may just be one of the easiest salads to make. Recipe now posted (link in profile). And with that, I'm signing off for a couple days. This week was a busy week and I'm feeling the need for a little digital detox. Signs and symptoms from my body are gently reminding me that I've been pushing myself too hard and compromising on my sleep. Which, many of you know is one of the things I stress is most important for a healthy immune system. So that's what I'm gonna do this weekend. Sleep in. Disconnect. Dig my toes into the sand. Get some sunshine. And enjoy the long weekend. Have a lovely Memorial weekend friends! ❤️
Cherry Chocolate Mug Cake With Coconut Cream
Just posted this recipe for a Black Forest mug cake. Yep, it's a mug cake. And it's a little boozy (with cherry brandy). ? Start to finish the whole recipe takes less than 15 minutes...which makes it perfect for Valentine's Day. Or just for yourself. It is individually sized after all. ? ❤#glutenfree #dairyfree #paleo
Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Mug Cakes
I just made chocolate cakes. In mugs. And they're kind of awesome. ? Recipe link in profile. Enjoy! #glutenfree #dairyfree #paleo
Honey Banana Bread
I've got a gift for you today, in the form of banana bread. ? This little banana bread took me four tries, but I'm finally thrilled with the end result. It's super moist and delicious! And you'd never know, but it's also #glutenfree #dairyfree and #paleo. Crazy, right? I also whipped up a video to show you just how easy it is to make. So head on over to my website or YouTube channel. Happy rainy Thursday from Cali! ❤️
Molten Chocolate Cake With Coconut Whipped Cream And Pistachios
Is is too early in the day for dessert inspo? ? My uncle is in town visiting so thought I'd whip up a batch of these #glutenfree #dairyfree #paleo molten chocolate lava cakes tonight. They're topped with coconut whipped cream and pistachios. And hint hint, they make for a perfect holiday dessert as well. (recipe in the archives). Hope you're enjoying the weekend! ❤️
Cauliflower Rice
I'm hunkered down today editing my latest video...on how to make cauliflower rice. Cauliflower rice is a great grain-free alternative and sneaky way to get more veggies in your diet. I do eat regular rice as well, but it's always nice to switch things up. Keep your eyes peeled for the video tomorrow! ?
Gluten Free Cassava Flour Tortillas
I have an oldie but goodie (with a bonus!) for you today. These cassava flour tortillas are one of the most popular recipes on my I updated the post and made a video tutorial for you! You can check it out on my YouTube channel or my website. ?
Paleo Skillet Brownies
It's my birthday week! To celebrate, I baked some mini skillet brownies and topped them with fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream. #glutenfree #paleo. I'm also giving away an awesome Vitamix blender (the same one I use). Click this recipe to enter (link in profile). Happy Monday! 🎉