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Diana Dontsova
Food has always had a central place in my life and I want to share it with you. I put focus on simple good food.

​ Rainbow Veggie Udon Noodle Salad with Almond Butter Dressing

My Recipes
Two days ago @daniellawitte and I hosted a blog breakfast with @arlakeso We were in Daniella studio and I made the breakfast. Of course we ended with something sweet, Protein balls with acai, lemon and Keso cottage cheese. Recipe is now on my blog. • • I torsdags höll @daniellawitte och jag i en bloggfrukost tillsammans med @arlakeso Daniella dukade upp i sin studio och jag lagade maten. Vi bjöd bl a på proteinbollar med acai, citron och Keso cottage cheese. Receptet finns på bloggen. Jag tycker verkligen du ska testa dessa.
Do you line chickpeas? These are made of veggies, chickpeas and minced meat. • • Gillar du kikärtor? Helt klart min favorit bland baljväxter. 6 recept på bloggen just nu!
Cardamom mud cake with whipped cream is the perfect match! • • Semmelkladdkaka! Gjord på mandelmjöl för att få den underbara smaken av semla. Recept på bloggen!
Brown Butter Mushroom Pasta
Pasta with mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella and browned butter for lunch! Wish you a great week! • • Pasta med svamp, buffalo mozzarella och brynt smör! Recept på bloggen imorgon. @staubdanmark @staub_usa #staub #pasta #recipe
Prosecco Mojito
Friday! A prosecco mojito, perfect on a Friday! || Fredag! En prosecco mojito, perfekt fredagsdrink!