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Ombre Tiramisu Style Cake

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Ahhh food, I think I live to eat, not eat to live most of the time! 😄 Esp today... I had crappy, broken sleep last night & I always find that my body wants food to be flowing constantly, when this happens! What my non-science scientific opinion is - I believe this is due to me being low on energy because of lack of sleep, therefore my body is looking for energy in food. Does anyone else experience this? - This is some lovely rye toast, avocado, cherry tomatoes & pumpkin seeds 👌🏻 #deebestself #keepitsimpleseries
Y-A-Y for P-A-N-C-A-K-E D-A-Y! 🥞 Altho, I eat pancakes at least once a week already as it is! 😁 & why the hell not, if you enjoy them! These ones I make on the regular by this recipe right here👇🏻 (it is actually ‘healthy’, but please don’t dis me with all the ‘but pancakes aren’t meant to be healthy talk’! I actually prefer these! The regular recipe w/ plain flour, eggs, milk & sugar is way too sweet for me & not filling enough!) back to recipe: (serves 1, for 2 just double up!) • 1 banana • 2 eggs • 1/3 cup oats • splash of mylk (I luurve @oatly) • 1 tsp cinnamon (or however much you like! I like it a lot*) • chopped medjool date (optional - if you want to add extra sweetness) - - blitz it all in a blender/ food processor - smack a tbsp & a half of the mix on the pan, per pancake - spread it out to create a circular shape - fry for a couple min on each side (or until golden brown) on medium/ low heat - bang them on a plate & top with whatever you like! My faves is ALWAYS peanut butter + berries, or caramelised banana slices & coconut chips! Daaaayum! 💣👌🏻 - What’s your fave pancake topping? - *read it in Jim Carrey style from Dumb & Dumberer - #deebestself #pancakeday
These oats is what I live for... Chocolatey, warming & of course with peanut butter on top! 😌👌🏻 - #ShowUsYourOats
Happy #humpday! One of the main reasons I look forward to weekends so much, is having the time to take it slow in the mornings & make the yummiest porridge or pancakes! 😊 This warming deliciousness makes me so happy! ✨ #ShowUsYourOats #deebestself