Crispy BBQ Ginger Brussels Sprouts
"Crispy Asian BBQ brussels sprouts 🥢 I whipped up this recipe a couple weeks ago as a side with dinner and probably have made them 5-6x since!! I am hooked🤤 I have an air fryer and oven baked method listed in the recipe. But you all know I’m team air fryer🙋🏻‍♀️ quicker and crispier, I swear that gadget was made for brussels."
-- @dashofmandi
A Note from Feedfeed

People often have strong opinions about brussels sprouts. You either hate them or love them, but we're prepared to make everyone love them. You can chop them raw for a salad or roast them until they're crispy and charred and downright DELICIOUS. While it's true that all you need is a little oil, salt and pepper, this gingery barbecue sauce won't hurt either.

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