Dana Badran
Hi, I'm Dana and I have a thing for breakfasts and dessert. ? ?Dubai ?

Peach Bourbon Smash

My Recipes
Waffles With Honey Yogurt And Peaches
Who's feeling waffles for breakfast today? These are classic waffles with peaches, Greek honey yoghurt and an extra drizzle of honey because there's no such thing as too much honey!
Mini Gingerbread Bundt Cakes
Mini gingerbread bundt cakes to celebrate the first day of December. My favorite month of the year!
24 hour countdown to my favorite show is starting so what other way to celebrate than to make a cake? The bottom of the cake is the upside down (dark and cold just like Will described it) with an upside down ganache drip, complete with the creepy Christmas lights, Will's mixtape, and ofcourse EGGOS! Is anyone else obsessed?? #strangerthings #netflix
Reminiscing on Parisian breakfasts, take me back s'il vous plait!
After being MIA for ages now, I'm back with a banana bread peace offering! How to get over post wedding/honeymoon blues? Bake something, and eat it before he does. ??
How epic is my new keyboard waffle iron? Courtesy of the fiance ? I like it a waffle lot!