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Nick Neves
Los Angeles, California
Dad. Husband. Lover of carbs, cheese, and all things waffled.

Baked Camembert

in partnership with Eric Ripert
My Recipes
Cuban Grilled Cheese On A Steamed Bun (cubaono)
Naming this one the CuBAOno™: Yucatán-style roasted pork (cochinita pibil), honey ham, Swiss and Oaxacan cheeses, pickles and jalapeno mustard on a steamed BBQ pork bun (char siu bao) that was cut in half, stuffed and then pressed on the cast iron like a grilled cheese. It's that Cuban-Mexican-Chinese fusion-y sandwich that you never knew you needed (or existed) until now.
Chicken Parm Sandwiches With Spicy Marinara, Burrata, Caramelized Onions…
Instead of candy, decided to hand out individually wrapped fried chicken parm sandwiches with spicy marinara, burrata, caramelized onions and chimichurri to the neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters last night. They probably hate me today, but mom and dad will definitely be back next year.
Buttermilk Biscuit Fried Chicken Sandwich With Hatch Chile Pimento Cheese
My morning-after salute to America... and your hangover: Buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwich with spicy fried chicken, Hatch chile pimento cheese and a sunny-side up egg (with a pool of yolk for dipping).
Green Chile Pimento Cheese Chicken Burgers

You’ve probably tried pimento cheese (aka “the caviar of the South”). And maybe you’ve had it on a burger. But you’ve never had THIS pimento cheese on THIS burger. I’ve partnered with @BestFoodsMayonnaise and @theFeedFeed to come up with your new go-to burger recipe for the summer: The Green Chile “Pimento Cheese” Chicken Burger! There are a couple surprises in here you don’t want to miss.  If nothing else, just make a double batch of the pimento cheese (it’s super simple) and put it on EVERYTHING. #OrganicForThePeople #FeedFeed #Sponsored

Curried Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

TRUTH: Curry chicken salad is one of my favorite foods, on this planet or any other. I’ve been making, remaking and fine-tuning this dish for years… and with an assist from @BestFoodsMayonnaise and @theFeedFeed, I think I’ve finally nailed it! Check out the link in my bio for the full recipe. I love serving this salad lettuce wrap/taco style, but it’s equally amazing as a sandwich (or just grab a fork and dive in). Bonus: It’s even better the next day. #OrganicForThePeople #FeedFeed #Sponsored

The "Heirloom Tomato Madame" from @gjustabakery: Green Zebra heirloom tomatoes, gruyere cheese, fried egg, basil and mornay sauce. One of the more satisfying vegetarian brunch dishes you'll find anywhere. That said, I also ordered a porchetta melt and turkey reuben, so...
Chorizo & Egg... one of my favorite all-time combos. Up there with chips & salsa, mashed potatoes & gravy, peanut butter & a large spoon, Thelma & Louise. For my Chorizo & Egg breakfast sandwich, I cook the chorizo with caramelized onions and soft-scramble the eggs with jalapeno cream cheese. I add a double layer of garlic jack and let it melt under the broiler, then top with the other slice of bread (I used a rustic country white), cut in half and immediately find the nearest hand model to hold/admire the finished sandwich while I take photos.
Sunday morning fuel for dad (and the little dudes): Frittata with crispy potatoes, kale, roasted mushrooms, gruyere, pecorino and herbs.
On this edition of, "High Maintenance Dad Pisses Off Chefs By Ruining Their Perfectly Good Dishes" ... the (underrated) Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich from @dfgrille, which comes with shaved lettuce and house pickles. That's cool. But then I saw the jalapeño jack on their Hatch chili burger, and the avocado ranch sauce they serve alongside their wings... so, I politely asked for both. No regrets.
Even though I observe it unofficially every day, today is officially #NationalAvocadoDay... which just means I can eat this entire chorizo & egg breakfast burrito with Oaxacan string cheese, jalapeño and a whole avocado and not feel at all guilty about it. Plus, it's that good fat... which basically cancels out the chorizo, melted cheese and flour tortilla, right?