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Nick Neves
Los Angeles, California
Dad. Husband. Lover of carbs, cheese, and all things waffled.

Asian Chickpea Rice Paper Tacos

My Recipes
I made shakshuka tacos. Because I didn’t have decent bread. And because I love tacos. And because, honestly, sometimes traditional shakshuka is a little too basic (IMO). I started with 1 lb of chorizo from @thechoriman, added a few handfuls of chopped kale and swiss chard, then chickpeas, poured in a jar of @mina shakshuka sauce, and cooked it down until it was “taco-friendly” (i.e. less saucy than a normal shakshuka). I finished it with crumbled feta, cilantro and the obligatory runny egg... which, for these tacos, I cooked separately in ghee as opposed to poaching in the sauce. I ate three, they were delicious and I have no regrets.
2018 goal: Participate in 25% more weekday brunch sessions year over year [egg sandwich w/ smoked salmon, crispy hash brown, roasted tomato, arugula, smoked chili mayo, fried egg, soft sesame seed bun].
French-Mexican fusion, in breakfast burrito form, from @jonandvinnydelivery and @chefludo. Sure, twist my arm. [soft-scrambled eggs, jambon de paris, caramelized onions, mornay sauce, truffle salt, american cheese]
Cuban Grilled Cheese On A Steamed Bun (cubaono)
Naming this one the CuBAOno™: Yucatán-style roasted pork (cochinita pibil), honey ham, Swiss and Oaxacan cheeses, pickles and jalapeno mustard on a steamed BBQ pork bun (char siu bao) that was cut in half, stuffed and then pressed on the cast iron like a grilled cheese. It's that Cuban-Mexican-Chinese fusion-y sandwich that you never knew you needed (or existed) until now.
Chicken Parm Sandwiches With Spicy Marinara, Burrata, Caramelized Onions…
Instead of candy, decided to hand out individually wrapped fried chicken parm sandwiches with spicy marinara, burrata, caramelized onions and chimichurri to the neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters last night. They probably hate me today, but mom and dad will definitely be back next year.
Whole Wheat Naan Grilled Chicken Pizza
I've had this lifelong dream of opening up an Indian power lunch restaurant and naming it "Naan Negotiable" [don't steal it... seriously]. However, since I'm a white guy who knows very little about preparing authentic Indian cuisine, more likely it'll just be a food truck parked in the financial district serving these naan flatbread pizzas.
Charred Octopus Breakfast Taco And Harissa
For all those mornings when you have leftover octopus in the fridge and you're craving breakfast tacos (totally normal, right?): Charred octopus omelette breakfast taco with sweet potato-chorizo hash browns, cilantro and smoked olive oil [octopus basted/tossed with @mina green harissa, available on @hatchery].
Mexican Corn & Chorizo Grilled Cheese
Mexican street corn & chorizo grilled cheese with pickled jalapeños, holmes! Had some leftover "Elote" from a BBQ that I made with @sirkensingtons ridic avocado oil mayo (perfect because it already has lime), layered it with chicken chorizo, shredded pepper jack and some pickled jalapeños from my garden. Well... they don't grow already pickled. I had to do it myself. Lame.
Buttermilk Biscuit Fried Chicken Sandwich With Hatch Chile Pimento Cheese
My morning-after salute to America... and your hangover: Buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwich with spicy fried chicken, Hatch chile pimento cheese and a sunny-side up egg (with a pool of yolk for dipping).
Curried Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

TRUTH: Curry chicken salad is one of my favorite foods, on this planet or any other. I’ve been making, remaking and fine-tuning this dish for years… and with an assist from @BestFoodsMayonnaise and @theFeedFeed, I think I’ve finally nailed it! Check out the link in my bio for the full recipe. I love serving this salad lettuce wrap/taco style, but it’s equally amazing as a sandwich (or just grab a fork and dive in). Bonus: It’s even better the next day. #OrganicForThePeople #FeedFeed #Sponsored