Vegan Meal Plan: April 2nd



As the weather warms up and Easter approaches, it's the perfect time to celebrate the season with fresh and flavorful dishes.

From vibrant Spring Vegetable Soup to savory Seared Mushroom and White Bean Toast, these Easter-inspired recipes will inspire your creativity in the kitchen. And don't forget to indulge in some Roasted Strawberries with Vanilla, perfect for any springtime celebration. So gather your ingredients and let's get cooking!

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On the Menu
Herby Rice Salad with Roasted Vegetables
by @Ashcuoco

This Herby Rice Salad with Roasted Vegetables is a flavorful dish that is perfect for lunch or dinner. The salad features a delicious herb shallot vinaigrette that is made with balsamic vinegar, fresh herbs, and vegan Worcestershire sauce and is served with roasted vegetables, seasoned breadcrumbs, and U.S.-Grown Basmati rice.
Spring Vegetable Soup
by @Anna_s_table

This Spring Vegetable Soup is a perfect dish to celebrate the arrival of the new season. The recipe uses asparagus, cauliflower, and peas as the main vegetables, giving the soup a lovely combination of flavors and textures. The vegan broth is made from asparagus peel, which adds a depth of flavor and richness to the soup.


Tomato Zucchini Pasta
by @Chef_daniellecampbell

Tomato Zucchini pasta is a delicious and healthy dish that is perfect for a light and easy weeknight meal. This dish combines the flavors of spring and summer produce, including juicy ripe tomatoes and fresh zucchini, with spaghetti, fresh lemon juice, and garlic to create a delicious pasta dish that is both light and refreshing.

Seared Mushroom and White Bean Toast
by @Evergreenkitchen

This quick dinner consists of perfectly toasted sourdough bread, which provides the perfect crunchy base for the dish. On top of the bread, seared mushrooms are added, which bring a rich, savory flavor and a meaty texture. The creamy white bean spread adds a creamy and hearty element that ties the whole dish together.


Roasted Strawberries with Vanilla
by @Thedelightfulcook

Roasting strawberries with vanilla enhances their natural sweetness and adds a warm depth of flavor. This simple and easy recipe is a great way to get a jump start on strawberry season. Serve them over ice cream or yogurt for a quick dessert, or use them as a topping for oatmeal or pancakes for a delicious breakfast.