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Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Blondies
Vegan Chocolate Chunk Hazelnut Blondies 🍫🌰❤ There are times as a recipe developer where you just have too many sweets around and are more than happy to share with coworkers, friends, etc. 🥰 Buuuuut then there are times when you have too many, share them...and then kinda regret doing so. 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is precisely what happened with the last test batch of these blondies.😒 You know what I'll be baking more of this afternoon! 🤗 These decadent vegan blondies are richly flavored with brown sugar, toasted hazelnut meal and vanilla. Lots of chocolate chunks in the batter and toasted hazelnuts on top take these treats to the next level of yum! I've included a gluten-free option, too.❤ -@crumbs.and.caramel