Valentine's Day Strawberry Vanilla Cocktail
"Do yourself a favor tonight and grab a bottle of vodka, a pint of strawberries & a vanilla bean or two. Pour it all into a bottle, let it infuse for a few days, and make the perfect Valentine’s Day Cocktail next week! Recipe for this cocktail is on the blog now, along with a nonalcoholic version. Link in bio! P.S. The infused vodka is the BEST! Good enough to drink on its own, but as a responsible young adult, I wouldn’t recommend that"
-- @crowded_kitchen
A Note from Feedfeed

When Valentine's Day rolls around, make sure you've got a cocktail ready on deck! This strawberry-laden vodka cocktail also boasts a splash of elderflower liqueor for a floral, romantic note. Date night just got a whole lot better! Want more Valentine's Day recipes? Watch our @jakecohen make a Salted Dark Chocolate Lava Cake here!