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Mexican Hot Chocolate Whoopie Pies

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Staying in for Valentine's Day? We are! I'm making a steakhouse spread including these beautiful filets in the comfort of our home. I blogged the recipe years ago (I almost forgot I had a blog!) and still consider this a tried and true method. This is fool proof, seriously!! Go to and search "the perfect filet". #valentinesday #dinner #steak #cookinginpearls
Made this blueberry muffin cake last night and it's even better this morning! I adapted the recipe from @cookiesandcups I found on Pinterest and it's truly a keeper! I used half fresh blueberries and half frozen. I also added a touch of almond extract with the vanilla. The crumb topping I used is my go to for banana bread, etc- although I'm sure hers is good too! Finally, I baked in a square 9x9 pan. Here's to hoping there's still some left for tomorrow's breakfast! 😉🙌🏼 #sunday #breakfast #cookinginpearls
Sunday brunch at home consisted of these waffles and you could say I'm obsessed. I've had them 3 times this week already.. with self restraint. Ah well, if baby is happy, I'm happy! 😋🤰🏻#waffles #breakfast #cookinginpearls
Not sure if it's weather or pregnancy related but comfort food is all I am craving lately! My favorite thing to do with chicken pot pie is top the crust with fresh thyme, freshly ground black pepper, and a large flake salt. The crunch is perfection and there's no denying it's going to be savory when you look at it! #comfortfood #dinner #cookinginpearls
Although I'm not the best baker (being precise and measuring is not my forte!) I find baking to be therapeutic and comforting. Not to mention I have a strong sweet tooth and it gives me the perfect excuse to satisfy it! #chocolate #caramel #cookies #cookinginpearls
Had a friend over for dinner to catch up and made build your own salmon bowls. I had a variety of toppings and made a spicy sesame sauce to pour over the top. Totally making this for our next dinner party with friends! It's so easy to make and prep in advance and everyone helps themselves. #dinner #salmon #cookinginpearls #party