Holiday Sage And Onion Loaf With Cranberry Jam Glaze
"I created this Mushroom Lentil Loaf with Sage, using @SimplyOrganicFoods spices in partnership with @thefeedfeed to celebrate Thursday Moments I seriously can't believe how soon the holidays are upon us! With end-of-the-year work and family obligations, it's really hard to find a chance to spend quality time with good friends. Before the craziness starts, I'm happy to be sharing a #homecooked meal at a friend's house tonight. It's so much more relaxing than going out, the kids can play, and we can just catch up on everything, or even play a board game (mahjong is our latest favorite!) These organic moments are undoubtedly the best and most valuable times, don't you agree? Anyway, back to this loaf... it's easy when you have a few staples, like cooked grains, legumes, and sweet potatoes on hand (which I usually do) With a little extra love in layers, it also makes a wonderful vegan main course for any holiday table! #TGIT #FeedFeed #Sponsored"
-- @conscious_cooking