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I've partnered up this year with @drinktelula and @thefeedfeed to show you simple ways you can incorporate #coldpressed juice into your everyday routine! Today only @TheFeedFeed is running a great Telula inspired giveaway ? What's great about these shelf-stable #coldpressed #farmtobottle juices is that my kids can bring them to school or have a nutrient-dense afternoon pick-me-up (see stories) With 10 flavors there's definitely something tasty for everyone! ?? Telula uses non-toxic glass bottles & it can be found in most major supermarkets, so it's easy to stock up on them. My kids love these, so I'm happy to have these on hand ? While you can enjoy these @drinktelula juices straight from the bottle, it's also fun to have them as #icepops (and dream about warm summer days...?✨) I added more chia seeds to the Beet Carrot juice, and popped some fresh blueberries into the Green Zing and Coconut Citrus, with a splash of coconut milk. Simply pour into popsicle molds, pop the sticks in, and freeze overnight. Click link in profile for recipe! ? And don't forget to head over to @thefeedfeed for today's @drinktelula giveaway ??? #Ad #DrinkTelula #FeedFeed -@conscious_cooking
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