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In the second edition of Flight Friday, we’re bringing you to one of our favorite watering holes of the Pacific Northwest: Ale House on Winslow. Just hop off the ferry, take a quick jaunt up the road, and wet your whistle with a sampler 🍻 Fun fact: In the Middle Ages, beer was sold in ceramic cups fitted with small whistles. These whistles were blown once you finished your beer and alerted the staff that your beverage was done and it was time for another 🍺
Flights of Friday🍷(although we’re currently drinking a glass of red at home - listening to The Temptations - and making pizza) 🎶 🍕
lox - those beautiful bites of salmon preserved in a saltwater brine, first mastered by Scandinavian fishermen 🎣
on the quest for tidbits of saturday dessert inspiration and stumbled upon this sweet little treat from the @themoanasurfrider in honolulu, hawaii. question: if you could eat one baked good forever, what would it be and why? 🎂 🍰 🍪 🍩 🥐 🤤
On Saturday mornings, we often venture out on an early coffee stroll in search of something sweet. Sometimes it’s donuts, a seasonal scone, a cinnamon roll. And sometimes, there’s a treat masterpiece - subtly yellow in its hue, whipped meringue done up in a whimsical manner, simultaneously tart but sweet. Bliss.
the flowers of the hop plant humulus lupulus - used in herbal medicine and as a main flavoring agent (bitter + zesty + citrus + floral) in beer🍻
the rare and wild mushroom with a delicately pungent taste - these truffles are foraged from the forests of Oregon 🌳 🍄