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My Recipes
Christmas Cranberry Braid
with so many in our family spread across the country, we don't often have bits and pieces of eachother to carry with us on our adventures. but this christmas, santa brought pieces of my great grandmothers wedding china wrapped in faded tissue, and we spent the afternoon slowly unwrapping each one, telling stories of travel and family and delicious feasts. Inspired by the gorgeous tablescapes of @skye_mcalpine , we snacked on slices of cranberry bread on those beautiful plates, remembering great grandma Lucille's delicious life.
seven hours talking and tasting and making all things handmade cheese with @theblacksheepschool and @alicekiandra.adams went by wayyyy too dang fast...
shorter days and moonless nights means winter really is creeping closer and closer... how is it that time seems to move faster with every single day that passes...?
and some days, after the rains, you simply can't take your eyes off her beauty...
the day after halloween normally calls for endless bags of chocolates and candies and other pre-wrapped treats, but I think this view and these cookies will suffice just fine...
rome is often loud and dirty and chaotic and ancient and absolutely amazing, but florence, you are just so so picturesquely lovely...
with sisterlove in town, the gorgeous days just never seem quite long enough...
it may be mid-october, but we've still got peaches, and I couldn't be more grateful #romanadventure
leaving class tonight, the breeze was cold. not cool or chilly, but actually I-wish-I-had-a-jacket cold. fall is here, and her roasted chestnuts and fading leaves can finally be smelled on every corner within this layered ancient city's walls.
how do you see them, she asked. you just close your eyes, and the angels appear, he reminded. #romanadventure