Egg, Avocado, And Slaw
"Happy Wednesday! A remix of last night's dinner for breakfast today. Slaw with toasted almonds, apples, parsley, & poppyseed dressing; an egg and avo on the side. On an unrelated note, one of my photos was stolen and posted on a different IG account without linking it back to me. I only discovered it because the account started following me a couple of days ago, and when I looked at their profile I realized that it was full of other people's photos: lots of before and afters, and healthy meals, so I suspected they might repost one of mine, and they did. I know this is wide spread in the online world. I did ask them to take it down and they did. But it infuriates me that they are posting several new photos every day and most of them aren't linked to the original source! Has it happened to you Do you watermark your photos Is there a good app you can recommend for that"
-- @clean_eating_journal
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Quick, Easy, Breakfast, Brunch, Vegetarian