Clay Kuok
Art director / Amateur home cook Macau born, Singapore raised, Shanghai hustler Lover of food, cats & surf #captaincoook #saltydazed #他妈的好吃 @tunakuok

Rhubarb Blackberry Galette

My Recipes
Paprika crispy potatoes, pressured cooked then seared octopus, smash fresh peas with lime and cilantro. #captaincoook #feedfeed #f52grams #octopus #polpo
Also made dumplings cus it’s human nature to consume a large amount of these things come winter. My mother don’t cook but this is one of those rare gems that she taught me while growing up. She lived in shanghai for a few years and picked this from our local relatives. It’s similar to those we can find in shanghai, but better. Love and nostalgia is the secret. Also because I made a bomb diggit sauce to go along. Shanghainese Wontons. Flavour 1, bok choy, mince pork. Flavour 2, bok choy, mince pork, real crab. Tossed in a sauce of black vinegar, sweet soy, black sesame oil and spicy chili oil. Served with lightly pickled mustard greens. Nailed. #captaincoook #feedfeed #f52grams #dumplings #fuckingyum #他妈的好吃
Had major success making miso chicken porridge. Expanding the though to other typical Japanese flavours. This time, curry. Pumpkin real crab curry porridge. With lightly pickled chopped mustard greens. Really pleased at how it balanced out. Freaking amazing. Going into my list of “genius recipe”. #captaincoook #feedfeed #f52grams #porridge #fuckingyum #他妈的好吃