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Kate Emilia
Vienna, Austria
A passionate hobby cook, a health nut and a blogger who loves food photography.

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My Recipes
Roasted Potato Chips With Tahini Orange Dressing
POTATO CHIPPIES PEOPLE! Over the top delicious. Tahini Roasted potato chippies of which the recipe is up on the blog a few posts back, go maaaaake 'em! Haha, seriously
Easy Lunch Bowl
Wohoo to a new week (aka 5 days more to go to school, aka 2: 3 tests more before christmas.) yey! (this is sarcasm) At least my lunch bowl was a perfect one! Roasted vegs, broccoli, curcumber, spicy roasted chickpeas, black rice. For the chickpeas simply mix together your fave (hot) spices (e.g cayenne, turmeric, paprika powder), add to the chickpeas (preferably canned + rinsed) and stir. Put onto a lined baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes on 200 degrees Celcius. Happy cooking!
Yet another throwback cause I haven't got that much time for food these days!! Anyway, this one was just too good ??
Berries are my faves at the moment! Nearly done with every exam/test this semester and no I'm really looking forward to the holidays..before everything starts all over again! ? Question: what are your plans for the future/what do you want to study? Did you become what you wanted to be as a child? What was your "dreamjob" when you were younger? -I want to become a surgeon! So I gotta study looots. And there is a special test in Austria which you gotta pass in order to study medicine, I'm kinda scared, too. ??‍⚕️?
Told ya I'd post food sometimes. ? Basic Creamy Overnight Oats topped with almonds & fruits. Yum! ? I'll post the recipe in the comments below.
Made this creation before my mom's hospitalization and never posted it! Coconut yoghurt with all the gooods. ? So guys I had a question: I cancelled my blog domain as I simply can't find the time to beautifully arrange food neither to create beautiful food. I still have one or two pics left so I will be posting them, of course. But thinking about time to come, I won't be able to manage it (physically and mentally). In the end it's rather been a lot of pressure to always create beautiful food. I just craved to eat easy (but still healthy!) food which just wasn't that beautiful (due to my mom's current situation where I have to help here, always & of course studying on top) and I always had to create food I didn't even want to eat just because otherwise it wouldn't have been "beautiful enough" to post it. But I do still want to post things and stay in contact with ya'll. So I was thinking about making a "Lifestyle" account out of this one. Posting some pictures of food still but also selfies, travels and so on. Would you still be interested in a rather personal account or not? I'd be so thankful for your opinion! ❤
Remember this picture? It was my first ever food picture posted on @cinnamonappls (almost) exactly one year ago! ☺️ Now, I have finally uploaded the recipe for these delicious Savory Buckwheat Pancakes on my new blog. I included a little update about our current situation (about out move, etc) in this post, so I'd be super glad if you had a look ? Other than that, I just wanted to say that I hope you all are having a great day! I for now, am going to spend it with my beloved parents and our little westie boy. ? Let me know about your plans in the comments, I'd be interested to know what you're up to!