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How to Hasselback Potatoes

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Some end of summer blueberry zen by @forkinthekitchen!!
#tbt to this super sweet ad for @hersheycompany baking chocolate. Where can I get this cake and how can I look this cute while eating it?!
Dough you believe in magic??? @megseverydayindulgence
Today is the kind of day where you should take a break and eat some steak! @biscuitsandsavvy
Berry impressed with this pretty pink ice cream by @megseverydayindulgence ??
When people say "diamonds are a gals best friend" they might be talking about Audrey diamonds, but they might ALSO be talking about salt!! #sparkly
Oh pie goodness gracious, this looks good ?@brighteyedbaker
After taking one look at this pic, I already want s'more ?@isugarcoatit
Who remembers Ovaltine?! The best kind of vitamins are in the form of chocolate milk ?
Person: do you play sports Me: yeah I play ball @hollyscheatday