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Deviled Eggs With Labneh & Kale Chips
"The most fancypants brunch I've ever attempted thus far... I've always been skeptical of kale and its clean-eating/vegan advocates but I picked a bunch up at Pasarbella yesterday for S$3 and it actually tastes surprisingly delicious! Also kale chips are really easy to make and cost a fraction of off-the-rack ones. Simply peel leaves off the stalk, wash them and pat really dry (for extra crispness post-baking). Drizzle olive oil over, and massage it into the leaves. Then bake at 350F for 10-15mins till crisp. (they're almost as crunchy as regular chips but so much more nutritious!) Season with salt/pepper/whatever powdery flavors you have. Tastes similar to seaweed but heartier which makes it almost addictive as a snack. Paired them with sriracha spiced deviled eggs topped with caviar (got it cheap for $8.90 a bottle at Giant HEH) for an extra 'sea-saltiness' and fun LOL. Not sure what I was doing half the time but the flavors actually went well together!"
-- @cherylishungry
Recipe Intro From cherylishungry
Lately I've been experimenting with recipes for Deviled Eggs - the sky's the limit and they're a great way to add variety to our egg routine. Over the weekend I had four (halves!) to fuel a 50 mile bike ride (along with toast, coffee and water) and found them to be a great pre-ride decision. Like Danielle, I have fun finding substations for the mayo commonly used in Deviled Eggs.