Breakfast Spread With Garlic Toast.
"When the simplest of ingredients breathes life to the biggest of tastes.. Garlic toast fingers, chopped tomatoes, pitted dates, scallions, poached egg for breakfast, ready in 10 minutes! Spread a thin layer of olive oil on a thick slice of wholemeal bread, toast for 5 minutes or until crisp and firm. Halve a raw garlic clove and rub each half on each side of the bread until fragrant. Slice bread into strips. Sprinkle with chopped tomatoes, chopped dates, scallions, salt pepper, top with poached egg and drizzle olive oil on top to bind all the flavors together. Especially love how the dates provide sweetness and an almost nutty texture that balances out the tartness of the tomatoes and strong garlic flavor. Try this recipe for a quick, fuss-free yet semi-fancy breakfast/brunch :D"
-- @cherylishungry
Recipe Intro From cherylishungry
Quick, Easy, Brunch, Good for a Crowd