French Boule Loaf
"A French boule is an incredibly old recipe for a large bread recipe that appears as a flattened ball. . It can range in sizes but mostly it’s on the bigger side of homemade breads. A boule can be made with all sorts of leavening agents whether that be a levain, a pre-ferment or yeast as well as different flours. . The reason a French bakery is called the boulangerie is well, because of the boule. . If you’ve ever seen movies that are based in medieval times or all the way bake to BC days and you see people carrying around big loaves of bread, then you’ve seen a boule before. . This boule is made with a preferment known as a poolish and uses 50/50 @bobsredmill artisan bread and whole wheat flours."
-- @chefbillyparisi