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When Philip and I go to Montreal, a stop to Schwartz’s Deli is a must 🇨🇦 Known for their smoked meat layered between two slices of bread, smothered in mustard and a pickle on the side (always get the pickle), it’s one of our favourite food pairings right here in our own country. Check out version and read our guide to Montreal on the blog. What’s your favourite city/country food pairings? #bettertogether #smokedmeat
Happy Monday | Check out our recent review of @alisoneroman Dining In Cookbook now on the blog #diningincookbook
Virgo Aug 23 – Sep 22) ♍️ While the sign of the Virgo is a woman carrying wheat and fire, it’s not meant to be taken literally. It’s their composure and need to take care of others that represents the virgin. But #whole30 -ers know, this Sex with your Pants on Gnocchi is far from virginal and the perfect dish to satisfy any Virgo ✨ Are you a Virgo? Click link in profile for full recipe #virgo #zodiacfood #horoscope @foodandwine
It’s Friday, we’re dining in @alisoneroman #diningincookbook
Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) ♌️ As king of the jungle, Leo is all about hierarchy especially when it comes to the food chain. This meat board prepared over BBQ flames is the perfect way for this fire sign to showcase its bounty from the hunt ✨ Are you a Leo? #leo #foodzodiac #horoscope @foodandwine
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Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 22) ♌️ Loyal, headstrong and energetic, the Leo thrives on decadent dishes and show stopping meals fit for royalty. The Lion is the OG king of the jungle and nothing says a meal fit for a king more than the king of burgers, the Big Mac. Two patties and three layers of bread, this double decker burger prides itself on its "secret” sauce and is sure to satisfy and stroke the ego of Leo. ✨ Are you a Leo? Click link in profile for full recipe #leo #foodzodiac #horoscope @foodandwine
Gemini (May 21 – Jun 20) ♊️ Quick-witted, charming and curious, the Gemini twins rely on dishes that embrace their dualities. Once you think you’ve figured them out, they throw you a curve ball like the variety on our DIY bagel bar, providing endless flavour combos to satisfy both of their personalities ✨ Are you a Gemini? Click link in profile for full recipe #gemini #zodiacfood #horoscope @foodandwine
B L O G G E D // 5 Tips for the Perfect Date Night at Home ? From role playing, setting the table and toasting the night, for us date night at home in the kitchen means getting back to just the two of us, not as Chef Sous Chef but as Philip and Mystique. • Click link in bio for our 5 Date Night at Home Tips and why it’s our favourite kind of date night ? What’s your favourite #datenight #datenightathome?
Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) ♉️ Representing Mother Earth and rules by Venus, the Taurus bull is at the peak of spring and these plant-based Raddichio Cups with Chickpeas from @loveandlemons highlights the freshness of the season. ✨Are you a Taurus? #taurus #foodzodiac #horoscope @foodandwine