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When you've perfected a #quinoa #chili and lost the #recipe ??? Sometimes it's soo nice you have to make it twice, yea this time it'll be thrice ☺️ Happy Wednesday!.... Be sure to hug your special someone n tell them you love them ? Heyy Instagram lovers ?it's been a while
When you're inspired by a g/f ? Sometimes leftovers make the best meals ? Pretty basic , super delish ! Whole grain bagel with jalapeño kale #hummus @ base- sprouts, tomatoes, avocados, beet saukeraut and black sesame seeds ? Can't wait for this wknd - this week has been intense! Happy almost Friday ?
Woooo I'm back? When is it too late to say Happy New year ☺️ what's your focus for 2016 A simple one of mine Follow the trail that leads to better? The better it gets the better it gets, the better it gets Talking about better - One of the key things I see people overlook when it comes to their health is their digestion and ability to detoxify When your digestive system isn't performing as it should your body isn't able to absorb key nutrients needed for your health Giving your system a break with easy to digest soups works wonders for your skin ? Recipe for this Chilled avocado soup with spicy tamarind sauce?in comments Happy 2016!!! ✨? #avocado#positivevibes#foodporn#foodgasm
Easy Breezy Citrus Beet salad with parmesan*avocado balls? When switching to more #plantbased foods many women tend to worry about their creamy comfort foods These parmesan* avocado balls are a fave I like to use! It's really raw cashews ? Using a microplane and your cashews - zest and cover your avocado balls, sprinkle a dash of salt n pepper if you like- roll the avo in lemon juice before cashew dust if not eating right away The remainder of this salad contains roasted red & yellow beets, a variety of citrus including blood orange, & some spinach...all drizzled in coconut nectar mixed with citrus juice, sea salt and herbs When you properly nourish your insides the rest of your life begins to fall in line ??? Eat Alive to Feel Alive ? Happy almost Christmas wknd ❤️?❤️✨
Close up of a weekend favorite ? One of my go to - 'we have hungry company' breads Garlic Rosemary #Focaccia with sun dried tomatoes Switch up the toppings and herbs - Make it fun with what you like Italian blends with olives or caramelized onions work great and make double batches since its usually gone in 10 seconds ? Delish pleasures can be simple? Happy Tuesday ? Remember to Spread some Love today? Recipe in comments
That epic quiche that tastes even more delish the next day ??? Cheesy polenta crusted heirloom tomatoes & mushroom quiche I've been focused on creating programs more aligned with #spirituality. It's a lovey ride when you are driven by your passion and in doing so you automatically attract your tribe✨ Live more from your heart and I guarantee - the brighter your light will shine?✨ Happy Wednesday? This recipe is a bit long - will be posted later in the comments . Xo
Flashback to my very first Portabello Mushroom Vegan Burger ? It was so epic I named it the ' Marry Me Burger' as an ode to myself! ? I can still taste the spicy teriyaki pineapple! Had a good laugh finding this pic, and will be recreating it this wknd Thank you @veganfoodlovers for the feature yesterday ? Love the conscious food community you have built ? Happy Wknd Loverrs and Welcome new followers ✨? Let the #positivevibes ride ?
The minis of : That Jerk Portabello Chickpea Avocado Manwich Perfection ?✨? Remember to share some midweek Love to the ones that make your heart sing ✨Big or small. Sometimes they too need little reminders ?
When authenticity is real it's easy to love I think of this fab lady & mum when I think of those qualities Her spirit and nutritious artful food makes it all the more delish & with so many of her recipes I have yet to make! ✨ Happy to have connected with you lovin ? We need more women like you ? #artfulfoodie5k