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Apple Rose Tart with Maple Pastry Cream

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D I N N E R // + food changes burrata + roasted tomatoes + crispy basil ______________________________________ we tend to publicly showcase our joys and successes but not our fears or sadness. But life is full of both of them. Last month I pleasantly found myself mistakenly pregnant. Overwhelmed by the positive sign on the pregnancy test and then overjoyed about the thought of my family growing. Unfortunately, my pregnancy ended a few days ago to my dismay, due to a chromosomal mismatch that my body naturally rejected, thankfully, as we all dream of healthy beautiful babies. I believe in fate, but of-course hormones, emotions, and responsibilities all over the place, I kept thinking about how life takes you by surprise. And of course for me, food and health came into thought. Although i know what happened was nothing to do with what I did or ate, a different lightbulb went off that day. I started feeling differently towards food and had really bizarre cravings, which I listened to. Hence, I have begun a new food journey. I don’t know how long it will last or the effect it will have on my mind and body, but nevertheless I have decided to stop being so strict and enjoy food in all of its glory. When we are in tune with ourselves, we are able to listen to what our bodies are telling us and sometimes that means changes. I’m going to enjoy everything I eat, without guilt, without gluttony, without fear or limitations on the type of food i want to eat. No this doesn’t mean I’m going to start eating sugar or junk, but yes I’m going to start enjoying the things I’ve stopped. The first one is CHEESE. Always listen to your body. It tells you more than you think.
B A N A N A S// + cacao nibs #cake experiment turned out to be YUM ______________________________________________________ used @bobsredmill coconut flour here and no eggs, the taste turned out to SO GOOD, but I have to say I wasn’t too happy with the shape
B R E A K F A S T // + greens woke up this morning starving! sautéed broccoli leaves on avocado toast #breakfast
D I N N E R // + beetroot rocket + barley + beetroot salad with roasted onion and garlic + sprinkle of fennel seeds _______________________________________________________ had a chance today to get to @soukeltayeb farmers market and load up on organic produce #dinner My favorite bowls from @thesillyspoon
R O O T S // + easy dinner thyme + butternut squash + onion + garlic + bamboo rice _______________________________ have so much work to get done tonight I threw all these roots in the oven with olive oil and some salt for 30 min. While they were roasting, I managed to put both kids to bed!! ⭐️I paired it with bamboo rice which I find @marqetlb P.S. I get all my fruits and veg from @soukeltayeb which I love because we are eating with the changing seasons!
B A K E // + first signs of fall sweet treat for you and the kids this weekend _____________________________________ stone fruits + cardamom + cinnamon + vanilla baked in oven with grass fed ghee Serve it with vanilla ice cream as an extra boost to their weekend treat
H E R B S // + quick meal when u get home and there is nothing in your fridge _______________________________________________________ lots of sautéed mixed herbs with a garlic and pickles on some grilled #organic chicken #food
U P I N T H E S K Y // ☆ ☆☆ family + nature = my kind of day ❥
L U N C H // + duck eggs basil + sweet pea + radish sprouts with a fried duck egg and sauerkraut #lunch #california
S U M M E R // + salads #summer salads keep getting better _______________________________ fennel + apple + coriander + arugula + Stilton cheese