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Classic Dark 'n Stormy with Rum Float

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R O O T S // + easy dinner thyme + butternut squash + onion + garlic + bamboo rice _______________________________ have so much work to get done tonight I threw all these roots in the oven with olive oil and some salt for 30 min. While they were roasting, I managed to put both kids to bed!! ⭐️I paired it with bamboo rice which I find @marqetlb P.S. I get all my fruits and veg from @soukeltayeb which I love because we are eating with the changing seasons!
B A K E // + first signs of fall sweet treat for you and the kids this weekend _____________________________________ stone fruits + cardamom + cinnamon + vanilla baked in oven with grass fed ghee Serve it with vanilla ice cream as an extra boost to their weekend treat
H E R B S // + quick meal when u get home and there is nothing in your fridge _______________________________________________________ lots of sautéed mixed herbs with a garlic and pickles on some grilled #organic chicken #food
U P I N T H E S K Y // ☆ ☆☆ family + nature = my kind of day ❥
L U N C H // + duck eggs basil + sweet pea + radish sprouts with a fried duck egg and sauerkraut #lunch #california
S U M M E R // + salads #summer salads keep getting better _______________________________ fennel + apple + coriander + arugula + Stilton cheese
S A L A D // + dinner can't get enough of summer salads ________________________________ raw courgette + sugar peas + mint + radish + olive oil + salt
S U M M E R // + salad we went to the farmers market today and picked these gorgeous figs _________________________________ Arugula + Stilton cheese + almonds + figs+ lemon zest
L U N C H // + salad soaking up the Californian sun _________________________________ alfresco dining all day organic tuna + rocket + purple carrots + sautéed leek + olive oil + lemon #lunch
N E W S // + @foodrev woke up this morning and found that Jamie Oliver's @foodrev initiative has featured one of my posts for a second time on their page! Such amazing news! Check out their initiative that is something so close to my heart: Every child deserves to eat good honest food! Thank you @foodrev !!