Moongdal Indian Style Spicy Mung Beans
#moongdal Indian Style Spicy Mung Beans recipe: Soak 1c. mung beans overnight. Rinse beans and combine with 1tsp. turmeric, 1.5tsp. cumin, 2tsp. coriander, 1.5tsp. grated ginger, 1/8tsp. cayenne, 1/4" slice of jalapeño pepper minced, 1large tomato diced, 1 finely chopped onion and 2c. water in pressure cooker. Cook 5 min. at high pressure. Cool by running cold water alongside pot. Add 1tsp. pink salt, pinch of black pepper and 1/4c. chiffonade cut kale. Serve with radish carrot currant slaw and quinoa. -@c_om_passion