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Tea & sympathy cake. Its moist crumb is speckled with fragrant earl grey tea and orange zest. Then it’s draped with silky custard made with warming orange liqueur. A loved one recently forwarded me a text from his coworker who’d made this (see third photo). It feels wonderful to see my old recipe going strong and being enjoyed! [Find it by searching for “tea and sympathy” at]
The Sazerac cocktail is made with fragrant absinthe, aromatic bitters, lemon, sugar, and rye or cognac. How could I resist making a cookie in its honor? These tender, buttery cube-shaped treats are speckled with anise and vanilla, then glazed with a warm, boozy absinthe-rye-bitters icing, and topped with a tiny spiral of lemon zest. And since the cocktail originated in New Orleans, they're great for Mardi Gras. For the recipe, search for "sazerac cookies" at Happy Fat Tuesday! 🥃🍋🎉
Tiny deep chocolate cookies topped with a pinch of nutty cacao nibs, tart dried cranberries, and just a couple of salty-tangy capers. The flavors are delightfully complementary and the little size is the perfect format. What do you say: would you try them?
Today's dessert for breakfast: cool, tender lemon sandwich cookies with creamy, tangy filling. They were all gone in a flash!⚡️ #neverenoughcookies
Impromptu lemon vanilla cookie sandwiches. The creamy filling is flecked with Meyer lemon marmalade made by my fabulous officemate @amandamiyoshi (her cat @tunafeast is fabulous, too!). Late night baking = tomorrow's breakfast, and the house smells like citrus heaven. 🍋 #f52citrus
Peanut butter granola cookies in the evening light. I'm ushering in Friday with some late night baking. 💫✨🌙
Thanks to #TBT, booming citrus, and the news that strawberry season is coming early, I just remembered these mini strawberry lemon yogurt cupcakes. 🍋🍓Tiny, tender and tangy, the bits of berry transform into little jammy pockets within the moist, tart cakes. I topped them with whipped cream frosting, but the possibilities are almost endlessly yummy when it comes to icing for these treats. I think I’ll be making a batch again very soon! One of my oldest recipes, they can be found by searching for “strawberry lemon” at
Not one heart cake, but two! Spiced carrot cake with crushed pineapple in the batter. Vanilla bean cream cheese frosting. Happy Valentine's Day to my officemates, and to all! 💞 (Chipped pink plate courtesy of my groggy morning clumsiness, totally worth the late night baking that led to it.)