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Wasn’t cut out for life as a Girl Scout, so instead I make my own Girl Scout cookies 🤤 Recipe can be found in the blog archives, just search ‘samoas’!
Funfetti chocolate chip cookies on the blog! {link in bio} Perfect cookies, for birthdays, celebrations, or just when you need some fun!
Apparently today is #nationalchocolatecakeday? This is a mint chocolate chip cake, which I think is perfect for any of these weird chocolate food days. The dreamiest chocolate cake lightly frosted with a mint buttercream, topped with a chocolate ganache and plenty of mini chocolate chips. Chocolate cake of your dreams 😍
These will probably forever be the coolest thing I’ve ever made: ???? macarons! #recipe is on the blog, search “burger macarons”!
Apple blackberry pie #recipe is up on the blog today! Braided lattice is my favourite lattice 🥧 {link in bio} This recipe was inspired by @ellie_alexander’s latest book, Another One Bites the Crust. Based in a bakery in Ashland, Oregon, this book is a fun murder mystery and has some great recipes at the end for you to try out. Curl up with a cup of tea, read, then bake! For your chance to win a copy of Another One Bites the Crust, just like this picture and leave a comment telling me your favourite pie! Good luck!
All I want is one of these super delicious bakery-style chocolate chip muffins and a really large cup of tea. But I’m doing no sugar, dairy, grains, legumes, or ???? this month which means no tasty muffin for me. Neuralgia after shingles is real and it sucks. I have constant headaches and can’t look at a screen for very long. Which would be fine, except that’s all I do at work and all of my schoolwork is online so I can’t even escape it at home. Keep your immune systems up, guys. You don’t want this.
Eat your vegetables, kids ? Carrot zucchini fritters are fun, easy and healthy! Perfect for any healthy eating resolutions you made for yourself this year. #recipe on the blog, just search “fritters”
Head over to the blog and check out this #recipe for cardamom clementine morning buns! It’s a cross between a croissant and a cinnamon roll and the breakfast treat you didn’t know you wanted ? Link in bio ?
“You’re tougher than a bear, not just an average bear, all bears” Yesterday, I had prolotherapy round 3. Which was awkward because I had to obnoxiously have my hair hang in front of one side of my face to cover my not-so-pretty eye. Then I had to lie down on the table, where I covered my eye with my sweater covered hand and had a needle injecting stuff into my knee for 15 minutes. I stared at the ultrasound, grimaced a little, and (gently) bit the inside of my cheek because that stuff hurts. My doctor then proceeded to tell me I was tougher than a bear. People that are tougher than bears deserve brown butter double chocolate cookies made with fancy chocolate, right?