Brussels Sprout Love

The meals featured here were shared with us by members of the feedfeed community who added #feedfeed to images of food they made. Here are a few of our favorites featuring Brussels Sprouts.

A Note From Jesse Szewczyk

Brussels sprouts have certainly had their moment. What was once an avoided offense at the table is now a celebrated star within the food world. Just like the nerd in high school, the humble sprout quickly ascended to success surpassing vegetables that once triumphed it. You can say that the sprout had some help from bacon and bearnaise, but I disagree. The green gem's key to success is a savoriness that comes out when it is prepared just right. None of the recipes below will showcase overcooked mishaps, but instead preparations that showcase just why the little sprout has earned it's place. From classic recipes that roast them in a glistening pan of rendered bacon to new techniques like brussels spouts kimchi, the feed below is proof that brussels sprouts are a vegetable that are here to stay.
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  • Brussels Sprout and Butternut Squash Pizza