Pumpkin + Pecan Butter Dark Chocolate Cups
"Pumpkin + pecan butter dark chocolate cups...because peanut butter cups seemed as basic as a lulu wearing yogi in whole foods (which, for sure is a beautiful thing most of the time), just not tonight. Catering for S.Swartz art gallery showing is getting fancy festive ||


1 cup dark chocolate chips
1 Tb coconut oil

1/4 cup pumpkin
1 Tb maple syrup
1/4 cup pecans, ground down into paste

In icecube trays or mini muffin tins, pour half full with melted chocolate, freeze 10 mins, add tsp of pumpkin mix to each chocolate base, then top with remaining chocolate, freeze 45 mins-overnight"
-- @body_nourish
Recipe Intro From body_nourish