Spelt Potato Chia Bread
"My first attempt at potatoe Bread. This is spelt potatoe chia bread and here's the recipe: 300g cooked, mashed potatoes 300g (wholemeal) speltflour 1pck dry yeast 1tsp each salt and sugar 1egg 3 tbsp chia seeds 160-180ml lukewarm water Mix water and egg. In a separate bowl mix flour, yeast, salt, sugar and chia seeds. Add potatoes and water/egg and make a dough. Fill in cake pan and put in the cold oven. Bake at 200°C for about 60 min. The bread will turn out quite moist. If you prefer a more dry option, use more flour and less potatoes."
-- @blaumohn_
Recipe Intro From blaumohn_
Snack, Breakfast