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BBQ Shrimp Salad

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Turkish Ravioli (manti) With Garlic Yogurt Sauce & Cayenne Pepper Butter
Like tiny stars in heaven, Turkish Manti truly is much more than just a Turkish Ravioli. While they are very small in size, these are lil parcels of handmade love I tell ya! My dad and I were inspired to make some after watching Gabrielle Hamilton make them on The Mind of a Chef. Turkish legend has it that the mark of a skillful bride-to-be is one who can make them so small that 40 of these could fit into one spoon. Omg, imagine that! ? At 1 inch by 1 inch, my less-than-deft fingers were really feeling the "love" ?. Definitely not a dish one can throw up in a jiffy!! #afternoonswithdad
Dairy And Nut Free Blueberry And Turmeric Breakfast Muffins With Cardamom
It is through the immense love we have for those we hold dear that we learn to be selfless. Family and friends know my reverence for all things made with butter, cream, milk and cheese. I used to look at alternative baking with a hint of skepticism. Things changed when my nephew was born with a dairy and nut intolerance. My dear sister in law who is still breast feeding had to wean off all things dairy and nut based. The recipes and suggested adaptations from Green Kitchen Stories @gkstories @luisegreenkitchenstories (thank you!!) have been a great source of inspiration with naturally sweetened treats that do not compromise on flavour. Like these tender Turmeric Breakfast Muffins with Blueberries that filled our house with the glorious scent of ripe bananas, fragrant coconut milk, and the warmth of turmeric and cardamom. What's there not to love ❤️ Dairy-free, nut-free and other adaptations made are documented in the comments below ?. A very special thank you to @mekhalaliving for the opportunity to bake tasty sweet treats for my family with their cold pressed virgin coconut oil.
Pear & Saffron Chutney
Oh it's definitely beginning to feel a lot like Christmas with the aroma of warm cinnamon wafting from the kitchen as the chutneys bubble away on the stove. A bit of make ahead for the flavours to mellow out before Christmas dinner, a Pear, Apple & Raisin Chutney with Cinnamon and Saffron to pair with a Glazed Ham. Back in the kitchen, my dad's working his magic on his homemade candied chestnuts and doing a little kitchen dance with my mom as they tittle-tattle over how much joy their grandchildren have brought to the festivities. Oh Christmas, my favourite season of all!
Fishball Noodle Soup
I have fond memories of my paternal granny giving my brother and I a lesson in #soup etiquette way before we reached double digits in age. Being an asian woman born in the 20s, one might think of her as traditional, strict and very proper. She was some of it but yet, anything but! She taught us to gamble, eat with our hands and lick our fingers after, but my friends, I digress. She taught us that there was much comfort in slurping up tangles of #noodles loudly till the ends of each noodle strand gets sucked in between our lips with a loud pop. Furthermore, she was an advocate of enjoying every last bit of homemade broth not by spoon but by cradling the bowl between her hands and enjoying each mouthful in lip-to-bowl fashion. She said it was only right to wipe our soupy lips on our sleeves before moving on to the next course. I do believe granny was joking about wiping our mouths on our sleeves but quite frankly, it tickles me to this date that she would actually not mind us doing so when we dined at her table. But it comes with a warning "Shhhh, your great grandmother would disapprove!!" ? Dinner was a nourishing hot soupy bowl of wolf herring fishball noodles with #cilicuka from @shermayssingaporefinefood.
Chicken Peratal
Chicken Peratal for dinner tonight; a spicy south Indian (Tamil Nadu) dry style preparation. Chicken marinated with turmeric & chilli powders, stir fried with the golden trio of garlic-ginger-onion, and spiced up with cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, curry leaves, and fennel seeds. Just can't resist a second bowl of rice with this one!
Avocado Smoked Salmon Tartine
Avocado smoked salmon tartine with a red onion, dill, mustard seed and lime relish topping. Now, for a cup of tea... Assembled in pinch on a rye and walnut toast.
Bery Ricotta Toast
Another berry-good morning with these creamy homemade ricotta toast. This time with roasted blueberries, orange zest, toasted hazelnuts, honey and thyme. So darn addictive! I think we'll be on a ricotta crostini diet for a little while longer!
Aloo Gobhi
Dinner was so yum if I shamelessly say so myself. One of my favourite ways with cauliflower is in this north indian dish, Aloo Gobhi. Potato and cauliflower fried with onions, green chillies, garlic and seasoned with an aromatic medley of turmeric, cumin, coriander and garam masala. The dish is finished with ghee and a showering of finely grated ginger. This was a side dish to panfried Mackerel in tamarind sauce but thanks to my poor photography skills, I don't have that dish to show for. I can't photograph a fish dish to save my life. Next time guys, I promise. Hope you had a wonderful week so far, dear friends!