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Marianne. I like Champagne & Stretchy Pants. Modern, Southern Food. Probably a little Tipsy. Charleston, SC

How to Supreme Citrus + Citrus Avocado Salad

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Pecan Pie Bourbon Cocktail
On any given day, I'd rather have my dessert in a glass. Thanksgiving is no exception, so I've made a Bourbon Pecan Pie cocktail to wrap up dinner this year.
I’ve been trying to get Hoppin’ John right for YEARS, and only in the last three or so has it turned out perfectly. Decided it was finally time to share the recipe on the blog. Eat ( deliciously ) poor, be ( fabulously ) rich this new year! What New Year’s Traditions do you have? #riceandbeans #cornbread #newyears
I’m completely obsessed with The Hamilton Cookbook from @motherwouldknow right now. It’s filled with recipes, menus, and all kinds of food and dining related history from Alexander Hamilton’s time, like this to-die-for wine cocktail: ? Lemon Syllabub ? check out the the recipe straight from the book through the clickable link in my profile, and be sure to check out the rest of the book as well! #HamiltonEats
New Years is just around the corner, so the time to stock up on @ansonmills red peas for Hoppin’ John is NOW! Eat poor and be ? rich ? in 2018 AND Hoppin John works wonders for that ? hangover. Recipe up on the blog -> click the link in my profile to go directly there
Supposedly it’s National Brownie Day. I don’t usually love chocolate but these Salted Nutella Brownies are da bombbbbb and stupid simple to make. #nationalbrownieday #nutella
Pasta + Chicken + Olive Oil, Lemon, & Olives= ???. One of my favorite weeknight dinners. #winnerwinnerchickendinner #oliveoil