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Pecan Pie Bourbon Cocktail
On any given day, I'd rather have my dessert in a glass. Thanksgiving is no exception, so I've made a Bourbon Pecan Pie cocktail to wrap up dinner this year.
Okay y'all the @filippoberio_us truck is at the North Charleston Farmers Market right now and you've got to try my new favorite olive oil there - the Robusto! Plus, you can enter to win an all-expenses paid trip to 🇮🇹 Italy ( or enter at ). #Sponsored #FollowingFilippo
If you watched my insta story, you know that I was trapped on a bridge for FOUR HOURS in traffic yesterday. When I came home, cooking was NOT in the plan. It was the perfect night to jam a bunch of carbs, cheese, and deliciously drippy honey into my mouth, washed down with about a bottle of sparkling rosé. You can find the link to the recipe for this blackberry brie beast in my profile.
Completely unedited photo from the Farmer's Market this weekend at Marion Square. Recipes are fun, but sometimes you just want to throw a well peppered and salted fresh summer tomato down your gullet.
Whelp, every other mac and cheese recipe can take its ball and go home now, because I've perfected this ish. Recipe on the blog; clickable link in my profile. Get 🧀 cheesy 🧀 people.
I know they sound gross but Pickled Shrimp are tart and fresh and an addition to your brunch table that won't kill you nearly as quickly as all that bacon and French toast. Unless you have an allergy to shrimp. C'mon people, use some common sense. Recipe in the archives, clickable link in profile