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Waiting on the weekend like ...Do it up right with the grain-free bread!
Grain Free Sandwich Bread
this loaf of grain-free bread is magical yeast-free but still moist & spongy, AKA holds together really well. not too dense and not too crumbly. the perfect vehicle for avocado toast freezes & thaws well, if you are party of 1 like me and do not need an entire loaf at one time. cannot wait for you guys to try it.
Almond Crust Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
happy pi day? only getting behind this as an excuse to share this strawberry rhubarb pie, which i am now speculating may technically be a tart since there's no top crust...definitely too early in the year for both strawberry and rhubarb but here's a pretty picture for your feed anyhow i'm off to work on more seasonal things today like a mango jicama salad/salsa, not sure yet how it's going to shake out.
Roasted Cherry Popsicles
I spent a majorly relaxing afternoon with a new IRL friend (that I'm already counting as a good friend. It was delicious food and warm weather and accidently getting sprayed by sprinklers. Later I'm scrolling through my Ig feed and its #psl all over the place. All ya'll can have your sweaters and your hot drinks, I'll be over here with my lovely 85F days and all the frozen things! (Like these Roasted Cherry Chocolate Popsicles! The amazing roasted cherries allow for this to be made with very little sweetener but plenty of satiating fats!
Roasted Cauliflower And Lemon Hummus
Bean-free hummus! That tastes like hummus! And made with cauliflower but doesn't taste like cauliflower! So many good things. It's extremely creamy and full of healthy fats, aka perfect for your snacking needs without any carb crashing risks. Also, roasted lemon.
Shakshuka In A Rich Tomato Sauce
On my dinner table tonight: shakshuka, aka kefta, aka eggs in purgatory.Many names, same great deliciousness. One of my favorite ways to make Paleo work so seamlessly for me is eggs alllll the time (especially now that I can deal with eggs so well after years with FODMAPs, SIBO, GAPS protocols). Eggs baked in a rich tomato sauce is just pure heaven.
Hibiscus Lavender Kombucha
For all my home-brewed, booch-loving friends (and those who dream of being a home brewing master!), you have got try these @raftsyrups for your 2nd ferment! This Hibiscus Lavender is the and completely in line with my adventurous food spirit. If you're curious about the process, I've walked you through it over on Snapchat so check out my story if you have questions! Snapchat: barerootgirl
Brownie Crinkle Cookies
Ok, so if you don't know about the "brookie," it's time to learn.? Essentially flourless brownie batter in a cookie shape, complete with crackly top and chewy center. Pretty much there is no better way to get your (Paleo-friendly) chocolate fix IMO.
Kale, Pear, & Pomegranate Stuffed Acorn Squash
Digging into the best use of squash so far this winter. I roasted off wedges of carnival squash and filled them with onion, carrots, pears, kale, pomegranate arils, and pine nuts. This is the most filling, satisfying side dish or you could completely use it as a main dish by tossing some shredded meat into the filling! Full recipe will be up soon on BRG.