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Garlic Mushroom Pizza With Fennel
I adapted @lifeisbutadish's incredible recipe for Garlic & Fennel Mushroom Pizza, combined it with the @andrislagsdin's recipe for 72 Hour Pizza dough, then baked it on a @bakingsteel & this magical creation happened. The earthy yet bright & balanced ingredients on top of the flavorful, aged dough & a deeply charred crust make for fancy pizzeria style pizza at home.
Caramelized Onion Cheeseburger Pizza With Vodka Sauce
Putting creamy vodka sauce on pizza was basically the best decision I've ever made (subject to change with every other best decision I make).
Cajun Chorizo And Jalapeno Pizza
homemade pizza with cold fermented dough, tomato sauce, cheese, chorizo, onions bell peppers, jalapenos delidas, cajun spice & oregano
Three Cheese Asparagus Pizza
When you think, huh, shoulda gotten some prosciutto. Next time... still good tho. Asparagus, bagged mozz, fontina, peperoncino, olive oil, salt. #bakingsteel