Poached Pears With Autumn Spices
"POACHED PEARS WITH AUTUMN SPICES || This time of year it’s easy to go off the rails with sweets. For some reason our culture associates the holidays with over indulging on all kinds of foods, especially sugary ones. My poached pears are a wonderful alternative and you will likely be surprised at how satisfying they are. With just a few humble ingredients this simple sweet is even considered medicinal. How awesome is that Traditional Chinese medicine associates pears with the lungs which are responsible for our immunity. Pears are considered cool, sweet and a little sour. They help to moisten our lungs, clear mucous, and relieve coughs. In Ayurveda pears regulate hormones, build energy, and balance all three doshas. They are also considered a feel good fruit as they help relieve troubling emotions. Serve these pears by themselves as a simple dessert or add them to your breakfast porridge. Enjoy loves! xo"
-- @ashley_neese