Water Bagels
"New Yorkers, rejoice: I made water bagels! In fact, these are @kingarthurflour’s water bagels in all their malty, seeded glory. Needless to say, leaving Long Island left a bagel-shaped hole in my heart. Isn’t it funny how certain foods identify so strongly with certain places? The bagel is like a way of life in New York. Heavy on the cream cheese. It’s right up there with the BEC (bacon, egg & cheese) on a kaiser roll. Office meeting? Bagels. College final exam? Bagel. Saturday morning? I’ll take a dozen, a copy of Newsday and coffee so hot it’ll take off your tastebuds.⠀ ⠀ KA’s recipe is boil and bake, the best method out there. My family’s favorite bagel shop was named B&B, for this reason. We’d fight over the extra seeds at the bottom of the bag, but usually there was a double-chocolate muffin nearby to calm things down. What food is synonymous with your hometown?"
-- @ashcuoco