The Feedfeed Goes to Italy to Dine With Rana

in partnership with Giovanni Rana
My Recipes
Salted Hazelnut Hot Chocolate
Getting cozy with it! I made this salted hazelnut hot chocolate for @luvoinc (dairy-free) and it's going to be on high rotation this winter. I'll definitely make a couple variations to jazz things up (even more haha).
Sparkling Blood Orange, Cranberry Anise Cocktails
Boozy Fruit & Star Anise Brandy Punch made this looker for @luvoinc. It's perfect for NYE, or just because (I mean come on, it's the holidays).
Pomegranate Parfait With Dark Chocolate Granola
And this is his little profile picture looking all handsome with those layers of dark chocolate granola, coconut yogurt, and tangy pomegranate
Pear S’mores Crumble
Leftovers Pear S'mores crumble with a bit melting scoop of vanilla ice cream that's what sundazee are all about!
Caramel Apple Bread Pudding With Pistachios
Caramel apples? Check. Fluffy and crunchy bread pudding? Check! I combined both to make a super cozy Caramel Apple Bread Pudding for @westelm, tooooootally fall (sans the pumpkin spice, thank you).
Nectarine, Tea, And Amaretti Pie
Pie pie pie and ice cream: dairy-free nectarine, tea, and amaretti pie. Almost vegan except for the egg wash. The inspo for this pie was the flavour of iced tea, which is a total summer classic. Go to the farmers market this weekend and make it for the week ahead.
Peanut Butter & Cranberry Jam Spread
Salty Cinnamon Peanut Butter and Cranberry Jelly spread! Need a treat to get over the Monday-not-so-fun-day slump? Grab this snazzy recipe I made with the guys from @patiencefruitco, using their organic, juicy cranberries. This recipe is super easy and mighty tasty!