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Rhubarb Blackberry Galette

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Travel & dining out go hand in hand as the inspiration for my food blog. I am influenced by wonderful creative combinations like this sea urchin tagliolini w/fennel purée, shrimp & caviar roe at a popular @giacomo_milano bistro! Trendy yet elegant decor & convivial atmosphere makes it one of the favorite spots of fashionable Milanese. ???? #artdefete #italy #milan #foodandfashion #pasta
Morning ???? Simple breakfast at home- slowly cooked eggs, avocado mash & vegetable salad! ????Recipe with link in a bio. #artdefete #eggs #breakfast
I met with my good friend Cynthia for lunch today & she asked when I started cooking. I told her a story about financial crisis in 2008 & how my husband, boyfriend at the time, declared “no more restaurants policy” & asked to learn basic cooking at home. So this elegant, fragrant lamb shoulder braised in red wine with pee purée & roasted asparagus spears is my homage to those days. Cheap cut of meat cooked until fell-of-the-bone-tender & served with green pees you find at markets’ freezer section. It is a simple one-pot dish, rich & comforting, perfect for these freezing temperatures. ❄️ Recipe with link in a bio. ? #artdefete #comfortfood #braising #lamb
Off to a good start this morning with my delicious winter salad of bitter radicchio with fennel, avocado, orange segments, persimmon & honey vinaigrette! New Year’s resolutions- make/eat interesting seasonal salads more often. ?What are yours? ?#artdefete #foodblogging #wintersalad
Baked Skate Wings With Fennel
Hi guys, #recipeoftheday Roasted Skate Wings w/Fennel, a divine combination of sweet almost scallop-like delicate flavor of fish served on a bed of thinly sliced & sautéed fennel! Recipe is on the blog ???#skatewings #fish #recipe #fennel #instafood #feedfeed #foodblog #foodie #food52 #f52grams #foodgawker #foodadventure #foodphotography
Woke up before sunrise this morning (4:30 am to be exact🙈) with an urge to bake. Calcium rich farmer’s cheese with semolina, dried apricots & walnuts is one of our favorite sweet breakfast creations. Kids love it drizzled with honey, G & I gobble it with espresso. ☕️ . . Happy Friday, friends.😘 . #artdefete #cheesecake #farmerscheese
After a handful of #nyfw shows, I am back to my sanctuary- the kitchen.🔪 . . Made this chicken piccata with thin lemons slices & briny capers a while back, contemplating whether I should make it tonight. 🧐Stay tuned for my IG stories later. . . What are you guys cooking? Something new or an old favorite? 😋 . #artdefete #foodblog #chickenpiccata #dinner
Our light fare tonight, kids are asleep, we are hanging out & enjoying this healthy light bowl of raw tuna with green tea cha soba noodles. 🥢 . . We are off setting the health effects of this wonderful meal with superb cold sake. Kanpai! . . Hope everyone is having a lovely evening! 💋 . #artdefete #dinner #tuna
Felt like sharing this pic of us exploring West Village last weekend! We loved the vibe of the neighborhood & it’s local cafe scene. 🙌 . . @blenheimnyc is the one to try. We want to come back & try others, what’s your fav hang out for Sunday brunch? 🙏 . #artdefete #westvillage #nyc
Mondays are tough, back into, school & a lot of chores! But here is something to brighten up your Monday- oven roasted salmon with baby zucchini over beet hummus. 😋 . . I am finishing the recipe on the blog but won’t be able to post until tomorrow. Please send any question of prep in the comment section below. I’ll gladly explain 🙌 . . #artdefete #salmon #eatwelllivewell