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A learning home bartender sharing a laugh and telling my story through the drinks I make, taste, and photograph. Cheers!

Rose Spritzer

My Recipes
Blueberry Agave Smash
This Agave Smash with Mezcal, Repo tequila and muddled blueberries is one of my favorite summer drink recipes I've made. Although, I will say I'm pretty damn ready for fall to get here. Can't tell you how over this 110° Phoenix heat I am. Anyone else ready for cooler weather?!
Smokey Orange Pineapple Whiskey Cocktail
How to Tiki At Home Caught up with my good friend @sethmills, a passionate home bartender and tiki-obsessive (in all the right ways) and he gave some killer pointers for anyone looking to learn and venture into the world of tiki
Coffee Cocktail With Bourbon And Hazelnut Whipped Cream
Sorry it took so long to get around to these hot cocktails. The weather in Phoenix finally got cold...and by cold I mean 62* today (sorry my midwest/east coast peeps ?).
Peach Pecan Bourbon Summer Sipper
You can typically find me sippin' on a generous pour of scotch during the summer months, but the other day the girlie mistook a glass for being dirty and emptied out a pretty decent pour. Since then I have to be a wee bit more intentional about making the drinks look like the one above. Here's the Peach and Pecan infused bourbon cocktail as promised ? really, really pumped on how this one turned out. Making this one really isn't optional ? . Link in the bio ??
Peach Pecan Infused Bourbon Cocktail
Lately my brain's been feelin' like a whole buncha fruit muddled up, shaken up, double strained over crushed ice, and swizzled some more. In short, I'm tired. Infusions are good when ya just don't feel like doing anything. Been letting a handful of pecans and a bowl full of slice peaches steep in some good bourbon for a couple of days now. Got a good 'ol recipe coming to the site soon that makes sippin' whiskey in the heat a lot more appropriate. Grab your pecans and peaches, and get to infusing! 
Strawberry Mojito
As much as I love days off from work, barbecues, and boozy cocktail after boozy cocktail, I know there are people in our armed forces who have given their lives and continue to put their lives on the line, which allows me to be in the comfort of my sh*tty apartment and do such manly things like making strawberry mojitos and staging the drink inside of a little box crate I bought from a discount home goods store. A big cheers and the utmost respect to anyone who has served and continues to serve.
Chile Manhattan
A little midday Manhattan. Played around with this one a wee bit and threw some Ancho Reyes chile liqueur in it for a little added spice. What are you sippin' on (or chugging) today !
Vanilla Smoked Rum Cocktail
Received this bottle of @diplomaticorum and it's honestly one of the best sipping rums I've had. This stuff is ??? Played around with several cocktail variations before taking some advice from a buddy of mine who definitely knows his way around a bar. We settled on something that I feel gave this rum the credit it deserves. Peep the recipe ??(ps - what should I name this cocktail !)